Weight Loss

5 amazing slimming products

Those who focus on their slim body usually know which foods are good for their body and which calorie bombs should appear in their diet as little as possible. But new research shows that some so-called fattening agents can even help you lose weight. Eating smarter can tell which people are the slimmest.

1. Beans: fiber against appetite
Contrary to popular belief, beans, lentils and chickpeas do not provide fat, but provide a lot of important nutrients. They contain a high proportion of protein, choline and minerals, and are also considered as fuel for burning fat. The fiber content of beans is particularly high, which can provide a lasting sense of satiety, prevent appetite, and help ensure that they remain slim after weight loss.

2. Avocado: green fat brake
Is avocado taboo for those who want to lose weight? Experts disagree that unsaturated fatty acids in green fruits are thought to contribute to metabolism, even when fat is reduced. This is mainly because avocado contains lipase, which controls the melting of fat during digestion, but also controls the adipose tissue itself. Some researchers believe that lipase may prevent avocado fat storage and accelerate fat loss – a perfect way to lose weight.

3. Olive oil: fat as a weight loss agent
Cheers to olive oil: its valuable unsaturated fatty acids and high content of phenols stimulate fat combustion. The more natural the aromatic oil is, the more it can lose weight.

4. Almond: intelligent diet aid
The good news for those who don’t eat almonds for their body: Purdue University researchers have found that eating almonds to maintain satiety reduces total calorie intake. On the other hand, the cellular structure and high fiber content of almonds are thought to inhibit the absorption of fat.

5. Dark chocolate: Dessert
Most importantly, popular chocolate can also be slimmer, but only if you choose chocolate with high cocoa content. The darker the color of chocolate, the higher the cocoa content and the bitterer it tastes. Judging from 70% cocoa content, it is no longer a sugar trap. But here also applies the golden rule: moderate enjoyment!
Dark chocolate is satiety because of its high cocoa content, and its high antioxidant content, especially flavanols and polyphenols, can prevent obesity and diabetes.