Adapt to Vladimir krichenko!

He knows how to exercise his body and is the best example of his professional knowledge: boxing world champion Vladimir Klitschko has a body that ordinary people can only dream of But now it’s over, surprise! Get active and train with heavyweight champions to shape your life!

Krichenko has developed its own fitness portal: krichenko physical performance. In the online program, he taught his 25 years of training experience, nutrition and motivation, and exclusively provided his training plan and nutrition concept, which were jointly developed by him and the chefs around him during the war preparation. Targeted exercise. It ensures maximum training effect. “Klitschko’s physical performance is the answer to the question I am often asked about how I can maintain such a high level of health for a long time. Everyone who adheres to my guidelines and gnashes his teeth through the unit will see his first success in two to three months,” Klitschko promised. “I myself support them as coaches and motivators.”

The plan is not satisfactory! Although it never lasts more than 30 minutes, it requires the highest discipline and absolute will to improve their physical fitness and vitality. The training is conducted six days a week, five of which are conducted under the guidance of the defending boxing world champion. He uses videos to show exercises and reveals many fitness skills and tips. “Sometimes you need extra motivation. That’s the key I like to pass on to all physical performers,” Klitschko said.

Physical performers compete with each other in challenges twice a week. The seventh day of the week is the so-called “cheating day”: a rest day to relax, recover and recharge for the new training week. By the way, on this day, if you like, you can really eat a hamburger. “Rest is important – both for the body and for motivation. On cheating day, physical performers can do whatever they want. They should be kind to themselves and proudly review their achievements this week,” Klitschko explained.

Now you’re working
Together with eat smarter, Dr. sports science is now looking for three readers who will test the program and related devices and declare war on their love handles. The winners of the trio will be personally selected by Vladimir Klitschko and are expected to receive an exclusive prize: “visit me with my partner at the stanglwirt training camp in Kitzbuhel to see how I prepare for the next World Championship. I’m looking forward to your presence,” Klitschko said.

The other two challenge participants did not return empty handed. You can look forward to visiting the Klitschko body performance portal in 12 months.

At the beginning of this month, Vladimir Klitschko selected three candidates from all participants. They will be published in the magazine eat smart on August 19. They all received a three-month “Klitschko body performance” package. In addition to accessing the online portal and applications for all terminal devices, they also included the hex sling training equipment developed by the boxing champion, a skipping rope digital display and training – including the nutrition program.