Weight Loss

After dieting: no chance of Yo Yo effect

The Yo Yo effect destroys any successful eating habits. After a period of hard weight loss, you will lose weight. Now scientists have discovered what foods to eat can prevent this effect.

It’s annoying: just now you were happy to lose weight. Your weight has recovered. The Yo Yo effect, in particular, often occurs after an aggressive diet in which the body receives less energy than usual. In one of the largest dietary studies in Europe, scientists are looking for foods to maintain weight after dieting.

The results of the study were published in the New England Journal of medicine. More than 600 subjects participated in the study. They used to lose weight through a diet. Now they eat in a controlled way for eight weeks. The researchers divided the subjects into five groups. The two groups ate foods with particularly high protein content, and the two groups received a diet plan with particularly low protein content. A group of foods with high or low blood glucose index (GI). The same is true for groups with low protein intake. Foods with low GI can ensure a balanced blood glucose level and a long-term sense of satiety. Examples include whole grains and vegetables. The fifth group was used as the control group.

The results are clear: the group with particularly high protein content in the diet and low gastrointestinal index (GI) is the best choice. A quarter of the diet in the winning group was protein. They come from lean meat, meat and dairy products, but they also come from beans and soybeans. Therefore, the researchers now recommend changing the recommendations of daily protein intake. According to EU directives, this proportion is currently 10%. The winning Congress also has the lowest settlement rate. This shows a certain degree of satisfaction with the proposal. Stress makes you hungry. Recently, US researchers found that fasting reprogrammes the brain and increases stress hormone levels.