Best fitness application for yoga enthusiasts, runners and shapers

You don’t have time to go to the gym three times a week. Do you lack professional support when running or doing asanas? Eat smarter carefully checked the fitness application that is most suitable for you and made a small choice!

Best fitness application: runtastic Pro GPS
Time, distance, calorie burn, speed, altitude – the runtastic app measures all these parameters to help ambitious amateur runners see their success in black and white. If this is not the power to complete the park cycle! With the help of the “live cheer function”, your friends can cheer you up directly on the sofa. For example, special pulse zone training can pay close attention to fat burning. Also applicable to other sports! For: iPhone (€ 4.49), Android (€ 4.99), blackberry (€ 3.59), Windows Phone (€ 4.99), Bada (€ 2.99)

DANGER! Not every phone supports all functions. But runtastic also offers a free basic version with a wide range of features.

Best fitness app: shape up
Counting calories is annoying, but note that calorie counting is part of a balanced diet. Shape up is your personal food diary. The database contains more than 400000 meals, and you can add missing dishes. You can also set your feel good weight and other nutritional goals individually. A large number of graphics clearly show success (or failure). Convenience: barcode scanner and pictures before / after. For: iPhone and Android, free

Best fitness app: Nike Training Club
Free apps now replace expensive personal trainers! Abdomen, arms, hips – exercise between 15 and 60 minutes. Choose your body area and difficulty level, add your own music to the exercise, and then you can start: the fitness coach will explain the exercise for you, and all you have to do is sweat a lot! The photos of the exercise will help to perform correctly. Save your progress and share it with friends. Higher weight and longer training time make this application tailored for women interesting for men. IPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android, free

Best fitness app for yogis and yogis
Yoga should coordinate the body, mind and soul, keep us in balance and help us close. Is it appropriate to try to bring yoga to your smartphone? Not really. However, if you are unable to attend yoga classes due to time or budget reasons, you can use these applications to provide you with a good partner:

Actress Ursula karven’s “yoga every day” app is perfect for beginners. In seven 15 minute videos, the different postures of each day of the week are displayed and orally explained. Each daily sequence is specific to different body parts! For iPhone and iPad (€ 3.59)

However, for advanced users, the Yoga guide application provides more: in addition to beautiful graphical presentations, the application also contains 50 basic postures, more than 200 variations and 13 practice sequences. For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (€ 4.49)

For Android users, the acclaimed daily yoga (all in one) is free. Unfortunately, only English!

Alternative to the best fitness application: athlete network
You want not only apps on your phone, but also a full range of apps? Then virtual fitness club may be your best choice! In pur life de、gymondo. De or newmoove De and other networks, you can meet like-minded amateur athletes, exchange ideas, try various physical education courses, compete with others, and carefully check your eating habits! Just try what works best for you. However, most virtual fitness studios are not free (from € 9.90 per month).