Best sports advice from stars

Whether you’re a singer, actor or model – in some professions, appearance is almost as important as talent. Therefore, stars and little stars try to adapt their bodies to exercise. It’s good for us: stars don’t keep their sports secrets secret, they’ll tell us. From jukari to skipping: eat smarter shows the most effective sports skills of stars.

Sports tips in the bar: jukari
Slim legs, flat abdomen and narrow waist: although good appearance is the capital of top models, they must also strive to maintain a perfect body. Therefore, their sports advice is particularly valuable. Like the one in the bar: “good morning!” this is the beginning of my day, “the top model tweeted a picture of her doing” jukari “, which is loved by Cirque du Soleil trapezoidal artists.” this training program combines jumping and strength training with ropes, rubber bands and trapezoidal seat belts. At the same time, there is not only the classic “jukari – suitable for flying”, There is also “jukari – suitable for bending”, which only includes exercises with milk tape.

Katie Perry’s exercise tip: rope skipping
Concerts, TV shows and videos: Katie Perry’s schedule is full. But the pop singer always takes time for short-term exercise because her favorite training equipment is also easy to carry with her during travel. Katy Perry told OK magazine that she liked rope skipping for half an hour: “it’s rhythmic and simple. I can listen to music.” Not only that: skipping rope can also make you slim because it can burn a lot of calories (about 400 kcal in half an hour).

Kim Kardashian’s sports tip: power kick
Not in the mood for exercise? Celebrities also know this feeling. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian uses a simple technique to go to a real gym instead of delaying exercise. On twitter, she revealed that she slept in sportswear. “Wouldn’t it be strange if I slept in sportswear so that I could get up early to exercise at 6 a.m.? It would force me to save time!” (“I run errands all day in my sportswear, hoping to get motivated to exercise… I’m in the gym now, and it’s successful!”).

Will Smith’s sports tips: men versus women
Man to woman: Will Smith found a special motivation: together with his wife Jada pinkert Smith, he turned his weekly training into a fitness competition. This encourages both sides to work hard in exercise. Which of them is ahead? The actor revealed at the party: “I’m far ahead now. But Jada is also at her best. Of course,” only one person can win “- Mr. and Mrs. Smith both benefit from the competition