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Biggest Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations!

Charlotte Crosby revealed how she lost three stones, saying she was “the happiest” ever.

The 29 year old former Georgie shore star, who is currently appearing in the Australian Version of I’m a celebrity, explained how she changed from 16 to 8.
Charlotte Crosby’s credit before slimming down in 2014: becoming famous flynet
She explained that she would be out of breath even up a flight of stairs before completely changing her life.
But Charlotte told NW: “I’m very happy and confident about my body now. In fact, I’m the happiest in a long time.”
The star revealed her five point plan to lose weight without sacrificing her party lifestyle.
She said she limited herself to going out one night a week and adhered to a balanced diet for the other six days.
Charlotte told fans: “on the day you go out, do more exercise to compensate.”
She added that cheating day – you shouldn’t eat like a saint – should be held after going out in the evening, but she warned: “cheating day doesn’t mean you can eat all day.”
She also explained that she ate three liters of water a day and insisted that there was no better way to treat a hangover.
The star added that she does quick exercise every morning, saying that even 20 minutes of exercise can burn 250 calories.
Charlotte revealed what she ate every day. She said she liked to eat poached eggs on toast twice a week, with porridge or yogurt and fruit in the middle.
The star said that most of the time she had Soup for lunch, more fruits and vegetables for dinner – and steak once or twice a month.
“Losing weight means I finally get to a place where I know this is my size and may be for the rest of my life,” she told the magazine

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