Boxcamp HIIT test – eat smarter tried

After we met Regina halmich for an interview about her HIIT boxing training, our brave editor Katharina bordering dared to enter the training circle and tested HIIT training specifically for eat smarter.

I have to admit that I have never done boxing training – although Regina halmich’s “boxcamp HIIT” is actually only for advanced users. As an exception, the former boxing world champion gave a brief introduction at the beginning of the course: left straight, right straight, step position and posture. For most participants, it was cold coffee, but for me, I couldn’t live without it.

Regina halmich explained these exercises before we started. Each station has two tasks. Among other things: sandbags, push ups, abdominal exercises – everything sounds easy to me. But I still think. The interval seemed short to me: in the first round, one practiced for 30 seconds, then changed, and the other practiced for 30 seconds – the whole process twice. Well, I think, no problem.

It started. Very motivated. I went all out in my first practice. According to my feeling, 30 seconds should have passed. I’m completely out of breath. But then Regina halmich shouted, “you’re half done!” Half?? I began to realize how long half a minute could be. Sweat dripped from my forehead. The former boxing world champion pushed me and the other participants. As long as one of us slows down, she will be there and stimulate them to move forward. This is definitely not a course for lazy and “cheating experts”.

I fought from station to station – five in all. After the last practice, I was not only sweating, but also felt that I had completed two hours of training. But I finally finished the relief of exercise, which didn’t last long. “The second round starts in a minute,” Regina halmich said. Is this a joke? Do you want me to start all over again? Didn’t anyone see that I was completely exhausted? Fortunately, the boxers showed some kindness this time: we only need to practice once at each stop. However, the pause time between tasks is reduced to 15 seconds.

After half an hour and two rounds of high-intensity interval practice, I was frightened. Is it finally time to relax? Where can I play soothing music and lie on the mat and close my eyes? It’s far from it! After the cycle training, Regina halmich prepared a surprise for us: sprint twice, 30 seconds each time. From wall to wall. With the last effort, I dragged from one side of the room to the other. Then it’s over. I’m sweating, tired and happy. Although “boxcamp HIIT” was very tired, I was glad it was over, but then I felt much better. Because this is the way I like to exercise: full of strength!