Brendan brazier’s secret to success

Vegetarians are pale cowards. This is a misunderstanding often heard by people who completely avoid animal products. But it’s not true! Even vegetarians can achieve top physical performance – the best proof is Brendan brazier. The Canadian is a professional Triathlon athlete and reported his experience at the “you and your world” trade exhibition. He revealed the secret of his success to eat smart in advance.

At the age of 15, Brendan brazier made a decision that would change his life forever. “I want to be a better athlete. I want to train more in a shorter time to improve faster,” said the 39 year old. So he changed his diet and gave up animal products from now on. “I don’t really want to be a vegetarian, I just want to be a successful athlete. But it only works for my own vegan diet,” Brendan brazier said.

Brendan Blazer portrays his successful “diet”: an alkaline plant food that is easy to digest but rich in nutrients. According to Canadians, these can reduce small inflammation in the body. This has the following advantages: the body works more effectively and the immune system is strengthened. “In addition, less stress is released, and as a result, you sleep better and no longer rely on sugar and caffeine,” Brendan brazier said, explaining the advantages of a purely plant-based diet.

Successful athlete Brendan Blazer
Success proved him right. The endurance athlete won numerous triathlons and super marathons (50km). Not only that, the athlete’s body and mentality have also changed: “I’ve lost weight, and now I can think more clearly.” When his family and friends noticed his progress, they became curious and wanted to try vegetarianism. “If anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. However, I’ve never tried to preach anyone,” the 39 year old said.

Brendan brazier likes to share his personal experience – not just as a speaker at many events. At the same time, he published two books on vegetarianism: “top vegetarians: vegetarian nutrition advice” and “top vegetarians – recipes”. For the latter, the 39 year old told us about his pure energy bar formula specially developed for athletes.

Recipe: ginger pear energy stick
Raw materials:

1 small pear, enucleated
120g fresh or soaked, dried and enucleated dates
75g sunflower seeds
4 tbsp flaxseed powder
4 tbsp hemp protein (or flaxseed)
3 tbsp walnuts
2 tbsp freshly ground ginger
Sea salt seasoning
2 tbsp sesame
get ready:

1. Mix all materials except sesame in the mixer.

2. Sprinkle the mixture with sesame seeds, and then form it into balls or rods.

Make about 12 grams of energy rods.