Weight Loss

Can you also eat calorie awareness in restaurants?

Yes, but it takes a little civic courage. Because the operators of bars, snack bars and restaurants pay attention to enjoyment; They don’t care about our calories. Their goal is to satisfy customers and keep coming back because they like food. What do most of us like?
Creamy fat, crispy fried and instant candy! As a result, hotels rarely offer low calorie healthy foods, such as undercooked vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruit. Another temptation minefield: weight.
Even today’s plates are often similar to plates, with enough food for the whole family to enjoy at home. No wonder even the most disciplined of us consume far more calories per meal in restaurants than at home.
A good response: when it comes to rich meals, ask the service staff to pack half of them home from the beginning. Most hosts do this without blinking because they want you to feel comfortable in their restaurant and pay the full price.
If you like salad, sometimes there are a lot of hidden calories waiting. Because dressings usually contain 90% fat. If you want to avoid this calorie bomb, you can control the amount by providing sauce alone.