Weight Loss

Correct weight loss: eight important tips

The plan has been made: you want to eventually lose weight appropriately. Smart eating gives you eight tips to help you reach your goals faster.

1. Make life full of vitality
Every step is important. The harder your body works, the more calories and fat it burns. Of course, the best way is jogging. But even less strenuous work consumes energy.
About 15 minutes of stairs consume about 130 calories, and an hour of walking consumes about 280 calories. Find ways to exercise more in your life, because a low calorie diet is only half the success. So, what routes can you take on foot or by bike in the future?

2. Let the muscles work
Muscle is the real killer. The reason is: even if we lie on the sofa, they consume energy. The greater the muscle mass in the body, the higher the basal metabolic rate. The hardest part, of course, is to start: many people find it hard to imagine suddenly training their bodies with weight. And not everyone likes the gym. But once you beat yourself, strength training will also be fun. These strength exercises can help you get started. By the way: our calorie calculator can determine your daily basic metabolic rate and kcal requirement.

3. Prepare for desire
Hunger attacks are dangerous. You can sabotage any weight loss plan. Suddenly, you are hungry and eat rejected chocolate bars or greasy croissants. Prepare for the attack. A pot of tea or a brisk walk will help. For your diet, choose foods that last a long time.
Fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein – the right mix makes it possible! In particular, fiber can reduce blood sugar levels and reduce appetite. If hunger doesn’t go away, take a bite of fresh carrots and make yourself slim. They have few kilocalories and can fill their stomachs, but they don’t have fat pads.
Another great tip is the natural shape milkshake of foodspring. The inulin in chicory root contributes to a lasting sense of satiety, so it helps to prevent appetite in daily diet. Low calorie snacks such as smoothies made from fresh ingredients, vegetables cooked with coconut oil or coconut milk or salt free nuts can also help eliminate appetite between the two.

4. Eat slowly
This applies to all meals. During eating, it takes about ten minutes for the body to signal satiety. For overweight people, it takes longer. You’re full, even if there’s something on your plate? Put it there. Is it hard for you to throw things away? Pour the food back into the pot. Maybe you can heat these up again tomorrow. Save unnecessary KCl in fat accumulation.

5. Don’t forbid yourself to do anything
People who want to lose weight like to impose restrictions on themselves. Signal to yourself and others that they are serious about losing weight. But this approach is one of the biggest dietary lies, because if you don’t stick to it at some point, frustration will be programmed.
Maybe the whole weight loss plan will run aground at that time. If you think chocolate or fruit gum is special, it makes more sense to change your diet. You can enjoy it yourself, but only a small part.
Video: 5 weight loss tips

6. Eliminate frustration
However, one thing you should absolutely prohibit yourself from doing is eating depressed. This is the biggest danger of eventually being overweight in this ceremony. Of course, sometimes you need something to get rid of setbacks.
But you can try other options instead of eating in frustration. Maybe a hard walk or jog will help? Sometimes material things can also help: try CDs or movies.

7. Practice patience
This can be the most difficult task: you stick to all scientifically proven weight loss recommendations, don’t eat chocolate, rely on coconut oil, and jog regularly without losing weight. Although it sounds stupid, hold on.
The body is unwilling to separate from fat deposition. But sooner or later he will. The more they move, the better. One thing should not be done under any circumstances: stop eating completely. Therefore, the body will adapt to different metabolism, but will not lose weight.
Here, you will find delicious recipes to lose weight and eat smarter!

8. Break the wrong idea
Although this is good, dieting does not reduce abdominal fat or hip fat. Any innate gene is prone to obesity. Weight loss comes through the whole body. They spend less time on food than they consume every day. The way to increase energy consumption is to strengthen one person, which is better, and then get fat
If you want to change your diet and habits in a long-term and sustainable way without worrying about the jumping effect, eat Lite’s weight loss course has an innovative concept that combines low calorie, double diet and traditional food. Listen to more:

How do I know what I cut?
Changes in the horizontal plane are often inevitable for many reasons. For example, differences in hormone secretion are crucial. Keep proper moisture and take salt regularly. Among them, do not buy manufactured products will also help

To know whether they are real fat or just drink water, they must pass the measurement method. This includes measuring skin wrinkles so that doctors can give information about the body’s fat content. Some scales used to measure body fat are usually inaccurate and therefore not very accurate.

When dieting, can the stomach become smaller?
The stomach is an extended organ. Sometimes, when eating, the stomach will expand several times. If the food is digested, the volume of the food will decrease again. But if you eat too much for a long time and ignore the excreta of the shark, his stomach will shrink in the long run. However, with a simple food supply, the stomach can also contract again.

Here, you have to eat slowly and consciously, and then ask yourself, “am I full? Or do I really need more to be full?”
Can ice make you thinner?
No, licking ice won’t make you thinner. Maybe people think it will cool your body and consume energy during heating. However, since ice only involves the tongue or mouth, ice cannot melt without the action of ice or fat cells.
Can I have some chili Connor when I lose weight?
To lose weight, you can fully integrate into their diet. The calorie saving advice is to exchange meat patties for lean hip meat.