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Diet egg – why should you eat it!

Secret: eat eggs to lose weight. Several studies have shown that eggs are one of the most effective weight loss foods. They contain all essential amino acids, for example, more saturated than whole wheat bread. Eating smarter explains why you must eat eggs to lose weight.

Eggs have very few calories
Small, round, inconspicuous, an egg appeared. The best advice is to eat eggs to lose weight. Egg size M averages only 78 calories and contains many healthy ingredients.
Eggs contain all essential amino acids and have the highest biological value compared with other foods. Biological value refers to the efficiency of transforming food proteins into endogenous proteins.

The nutritional value of an egg between 50g and 50g
Calories 78
Protein 6,3g
Carbohydrate 0.5g
Fat 5.3 G
You can easily incorporate a diet egg into your diet plan. An ideal diet dish consists of three boiled eggs with a total of less than 240 calories.
With delicious seasonal vegetables, you have a big meal with only 300 calories.
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Remember, eggs fried in oil or butter have more calories than eggs boiled in water. So you can also save some calories here.
An egg contains only 78 calories. The ideal diet food with less than 300 calories is three boiled eggs and delicious vegetables.

Satiety maker: egg weight loss!
High protein content makes eggs an ideal diet for you to lose weight, because foods with high protein content have a longer saturation time than foods with low protein content.
Many studies have shown that foods, especially those prepared with eggs, increase satiety and reduce calorie intake at a later meal. In contrast, diets with the same calorie content and no eggs were taken into account.
In order to better describe the satiety effect of eggs, the satiety index developed by Australian scientist Susanna Holt is appropriate.
This describes the satiety effect of individual foods and the resulting potential to save calories in later meals.

As a control product, we measured 100 grams of white bread with 240 calories and a saturation index of 100. The saturation of 350 grams of potatoes (equivalent to 240 kcal) is 3.23 times that of 100 grams of white bread.
240 eggs contain 1.5 times as many calories as white bread. However, unlike bread, eggs contain almost no carbohydrates, so they are an ideal weight loss food. Click here for more satisfying food.
In addition, protein bombs can prevent appetite, which is another reason why you should eat eggs to lose weight. Egg meals can reduce appetite by up to 60% and halve the endless demand for snacks.
Nutritionist Benjamin Hawkes explains how appetite is formed:
“When eating sugary food, the body produces a lot of insulin hormone, which converts the digested sugar into glucose and transports it from the blood to the cells.” this makes people feel that they must absorb more energy. It is preferable to eat food that releases less insulin. ”
Eggs contain very little sugar, so they will not lead to an uncontrolled increase in insulin levels.
Eggs have a good sense of satiety and can prevent appetite and unhealthy snack behavior.

Eggs promote metabolism
Because eggs contain high-quality protein, they will stimulate your metabolism. For the metabolism of food protein, the body needs energy. In the so-called food induced thermogenesis process, energy is transformed into heat energy. During this conversion, it burns 80 to 100 calories.
For carbohydrate or fat metabolism, the energy required by the human body is much lower than that of food protein.
Therefore, foods with high protein content, such as eggs, are more likely to stimulate metabolism and increase the resulting heat combustion.
The human body needs a lot of energy to metabolize protein and burn up to 100 calories. Therefore, eggs can stimulate metabolism more than carbohydrates or fats.

Suggestion: eat eggs for breakfast to lose weight
Various studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast is very helpful to the weight loss process. Because breakfast with eggs lasts longer than bagels with the same calorie content. Saturation can lead to a reduction in calorie intake throughout the day.
In addition, a diet containing eggs can promote the stability of blood glucose and insulin levels. Ghrelin, an appetite regulating hormone, is often inhibited.
Another study of 30 healthy and athletic men compared the satiety effects of three different breakfast combinations. They either have three eggs with toast, cereal with milk and a piece of toast, or a croissant with a glass of orange juice. In contrast, breakfast with eggs was more saturated and subjects were less hungry during the day. They automatically cut 270-470 calories at lunch and dinner, although they don’t want to actively lose weight. This simple technique can help you lose weight.
Egg breakfasts last longer and absorb fewer calories over the next 36 hours.

Eggs are cheap and easy to prepare
With eggs, you don’t have to be afraid of monotonous diet dishes. Eggs are cheap and easy to make.
In just six to eight minutes, you can enjoy a boiled egg weight loss breakfast or pack it as a snack on the road.
Boiled eggs, boiled eggs or delicious vegetable fried eggs are ideal for weight loss. Look at our delicious sakshuka recipe.
For the ideal weight loss breakfast, be sure to try eating smarter vegetable fried eggs.
Eggs can be prepared in many ways. Therefore, eggs for weight loss can be easily integrated into a healthy diet without much effort.

Take away knowledge
Boiled or baked eggs are ideal for weight loss. The heat of hundreds of grams of eggs is 154 kcal. In addition to a large number of high-quality proteins, they also contain all essential amino acids. The protein can make you feel fuller and prevent uncontrolled appetite.
The satiety effect of egg meal has a positive effect on maintaining stable blood glucose and insulin levels. Therefore, the calorie intake of eggs after breakfast is reduced, and the weight loss process is supported.
In addition to the satiety of protein, the body needs additional energy (80 to 100 calories) for metabolism. This energy comes from the so-called food induced heat production, which is much higher than the metabolism of carbohydrates or fats.
Finally, eggs not only contain essential nutrients, but also are cheap and easy to make. That’s why diet eggs are very easy to integrate into your diet.