Do you know jumping fitness?

Trampoline is only suitable for children? Are you kidding? Are you serious about that! Adults in particular benefit from the new trend of exercise, jumping fitness. Exercise should not only be very effective, but also interesting. Eat smarter carefully studied jumping fitness and told you whether you should also try trampoline

Trained 400 muscles and burned 1200 calories at the same time. Overall, it is said to be three times as effective as jogging – which sounds incredible. Can jumping fitness really fulfill this promise? Since the beginning of the year, more and more fitness lovers have begun to explore. We are also curious about the reasons behind this new trend movement originally from the Czech Republic.

How does jumping fitness work?
When jumping, you will bounce on the mini trampoline with a handle in front. If you need to move very fast, you can fall on it with your arm. Choreography – with music at least 130 beats per minute – includes jumps, aerobic steps, and strength exercises. However, the reason why jumping fitness full body training is so special is the exertion of gravity. Even if it doesn’t look like this: the moment of take-off is hard work for your muscles. You must lift multiple of your actual weight. But this effort has a big advantage: muscles and bones are strengthened.

Important: the purpose of individual jumping is not to jump very high. Instead, it’s about maintaining body tension and balance when landing or suddenly resting on the trampoline cloth.

What is the function of jumping fitness?
Trampoline is a very effective way to exercise: it can not only strengthen muscles, but also exercise endurance and improve coordination. It also helps to optimize posture because many exercises can strengthen back muscles, and maintaining balance on shaking ground can improve the interaction between nerves and muscles. A good side effect: jumping on a trampoline for less than an hour burns a lot of calories – not 1200 calories per hour, but at least 750 calories per hour.

However, it remains to be seen whether jumping fitness is the most effective way of exercise. Anyway, it’s interesting.

Which crowd is jumping fitness suitable for?
Jumping fitness is for almost everyone – no matter what your personal goal is: lose a few pounds, get fit, or improve your sense of balance. You don’t need any previous knowledge, but you should have some endurance because exercise is very laborious.

Jumping fitness is an easy exercise for joints, because the floor – that is, trampoline cloth – is elastic. However, if you have serious back problems, you should avoid jumping fitness. This also applies to people with dizziness.