Weight Loss

Does sports make you hungry?

Experts have not yet reached an agreement on whether exercise will make you hungry. Some people worry that more exercise will increase energy consumption, but it will stimulate appetite at the same time. This will make the whole thing a zero sum game. In the end, sports will not bring advantages in weight loss.

However, recent studies in the UK have shown that vigorous exercise promotes the formation of appetite suppressing hormones, but the levels of the hungry messenger grayling remain unchanged. When asked this question, the subjects felt less hungry than usual after endurance and muscle training. However, endurance sports such as running and cycling are more effective than weight lifting. After unusually intense exercise, all athletes ate more, but their energy consumption was significantly higher than that of the control group. Therefore, the energy balance will still increase, making it easier to lose weight. Even if at first glance this seems absurd: if you run, run or row, you’ll feel less hungry than usual. Increasing hunger through exercise seems outdated.