Weight Loss

“Eat smarter” weight loss plan

Eat healthy and delicious, but lose a kilo or two? No problem, our “eat smarter” diet will help you. Our experts put together a variety of recipes in a week.

Diet plan: the basics of eating smarter week
The “eat smarter” program is based on a slightly reduced calorie mix diet, and you can lose a kilogram a week. The German Society for nutrition (DGE) recommends losing 0.5 to 1 kg of weight in two weeks. So if you don’t lose a kilogram a week, you’re still on the right track – think about long-term success and persistence!
The eat smarter weight loss program provides about 2100 calories a day for men and about 1600 calories for women. For women, breakfast is about 400 calories and lunch and dinner are about 450 calories. In addition, you can also eat two light snacks with 150 calories. In order to allow men to gain total calories, they can consume one-third more calories than women (breakfast: about 500 calories, lunch and evening every 600 calories, snacks every 200 calories).
However, since five meals a day is not feasible for everyone, you can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a larger portion, or eat snacks as dessert after dinner. Decide what is best for you.
If you want to change your diet and habits for a long time without the Yo Yo effect, eat smart weight loss course provides an innovative concept that combines low carbohydrate, intermittent fasting and syrup foods.

Diet plan: drink plenty of water!
The most important foundation is drinking. If we drink too little, we will feel weak and distracted. In addition, drinking makes us feel less hungry because our stomach is full of liquid. DGE recommends at least 1.5 litres per day, preferably 3 litres. The lowest calorie thirst quencher is water. Unsweetened tea and injected water are also good. On the other hand, pure fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Alcoholic beverages are also high in calories and have a negative impact on our metabolism, so they should be avoided.
Allow a cup of coffee or black tea in the morning, which is also included in the daily liquid volume. Coffee even has a slight appetite suppressive effect and stimulates our metabolism. To avoid encouraging drinks becoming a calorie trap, it’s best to drink coffee without milk and sugar. Coffee specialties, such as cappuccino, latte Macchiato or caf é au lait, should be avoided. However, occasionally you can use this drink instead of snacks, but don’t add sugar or coffee syrup.

Diet plan: amount of exercise
In addition to the diet plan to lose weight, our “eat smarter” experts also recommend exercising for about half an hour to an hour a day. This also includes brisk walking or cycling to work. If you want to do more exercise, you are welcome to do so. Swimming or cycling and moderate intensity sports are very suitable for beginners. After “real” exercise every day, it should be another birthday.
However, more daily exercise is the key to success here, because it takes almost no time and is a pure habit. Be sure to take the stairs instead of the elevator, get out of the car as much as possible, and use your phone time to stretch or walk around your apartment. Pedometers also help control your own movement and motivate you to move more.

Diet plan: teamwork
Successful dietary changes are always for yourself. However, success is much easier if you include your environment. Convince your partner how important the project is to you so that he or she will support you. In your environment, you will definitely find a sports partner who can inspire you to exercise and sweat together. Make your free time and your friends more active. For example, you can go bowling instead of a comfortable bar night. It’s much easier to exercise without drinking.

Diet plan: diet

All recipes in the diet are easy to prepare and can also be pre cooked the day before. So you can easily deliver the food to the office the next day. On Sundays, you can prepare porridge and snacks (porridge, muffins) for a whole week. On the Sunday of “eat smarter week”, there will be a cake instead of two snacks. All Kaluli values are per serving!

Weight loss diet plan: a short-term variant!

No one likes to listen to it, but the change of diet is related to time. However, after a few weeks and months, you are used to the new daily life, and there are still a lot of things to do. However, three meals and two snacks are too time-consuming for many people, so here’s a time-saving diet plan:

Choose a quick breakfast, eat it every day, and adjust it according to your mood (such as seasonal fruit)

Cook fresh once a day and eat a second one the next day

Fast food: fruit, raw food, a handful of nuts

In special cases, it may also be a finished product or to provide, but pay attention to the high vegetable content and hidden calories here