Weight Loss

Fat killer: food that makes you thin!

Burning fat when eating? It’s impossible. It is. Some foods are real fat killers, which can help the body get rid of annoying weight. Read which of the following nine foods can make you lose weight.

Fat killer 1: coffee that promotes metabolism
Coffee is a real fat killer: it contains no calories and promotes blood circulation. Blood vessels dilate, heart beats faster, and organs get better blood flow. More fatty acids enter the circulation and are broken down. Caffeine in coffee accelerates breathing.
In addition, the fabric has a diuretic effect, which means we have to go to the bathroom often. Generally speaking, coffee can promote metabolism. It is best to drink it without milk and sugar.

Fat Killer 2: water increases calorie consumption
Water is also a fat killer. It sounds incredible, but the food institute proved it six years ago. Participants drank half a liter of water at room temperature, and the energy conversion increased by 30% within half an hour.
Hypothesis: water stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and regulates metabolism. In addition, water will fill your stomach and you will become fuller. But this technique only applies to still water.

Fat killer 3: green tea that burns fat
Tea contains a lot of polyphenols. These secondary plant substances can improve the utilization of body fat and increase fat combustion. In addition, green tea contains no calories.

Fat Killer 4: weight loss pepper
Hot fat killer: Pepper contains capsaicin. This will promote metabolism and raise body temperature. Extra calories will be lost.

Fat Killer 5: buttermilk makes you Slim
Canadian researchers have found that calcium helps lose weight. Buttermilk contains a lot of calcium, but little fat. Milk has only about 35 calories per 100 ml, but the filling time is relatively long.

Fat killer 6: legumes fight appetite
The starch of lentil company can only decompose slowly and keep the blood sugar level unchanged. Beans can keep you full for a long time – hunger can be avoided.

Fat killer 7: Slim lamb
Mutton contains protein and L-carnitine. It is this vitamin like substance that makes meat a fat killer: it promotes free fatty acids into cells and burns there. If the body has enough L-carnitine, fat burning will increase by 15%.

Fat killer 8: protein derived hazel cheese
Hazel cheese is rich in protein and particularly low in fat – spicy cheese contains only 1% fat. In addition, cheese provides a lot of calcium. This helps reduce fat.

Fat killer 9: Grapefruit
This fruit contains many bitter substances, making grapefruit a small fat killer. Bitter substances direct fat to where the body burns. In this way, they can prevent fat deposition on the hips and abdomen.