Figure in dream! Three personal coaches revealed their skills

Become very healthy and show a bikini figure that can be photographed on the beach – this is what many people dream of. But few people have succeeded in putting this plan into practice. Three top trainers explained why this is happening and how you can still achieve your goals, specifically at eat smarter.

Marco Santoro’s attitude towards sports and motivation

At 11:05 a.m. on Friday, Marco Santoro strolled around Kaifu Lodge, a fashionable fitness place in eimsb ü TTEL District of Hamburg. That morning, wearing sweatpants, sweatshirt and red and blue Santa Cruz hat, he was welcomed by many fitness lovers every few meters, one of whom was sweating on the treadmill and cross training machine. Your goal: flat abdomen, strong arms, muscular body. But for the dream character, that’s one thing. “Many people have trained for years – but still haven’t achieved their goals,” Marco Santoro said.

Santoro has been a fitness coach for 18 years and has coached many clients, including celebrities. Sometimes use the “carrot” method, but usually follow the motto “stick to it”. Because the biggest problem, sports scientists say, is that many people still want to achieve maximum results with as little effort as possible – as well as in fitness. “But the truth is different,” Santoro stressed. “Fat melts only in hell!”

One thing is for sure: Marco Santoro is the wrong place to go if you don’t want to exercise hard. “Go all out – exercise every time” is the motto of the 1.93M giant. He believes that training intensity is more important than training time. You don’t have to hang out in the gym for hours and complete an extensive program.

Santoro says the decisive factor for success is first and foremost the commitment you show. “That’s where many people have problems,” the 38 year old stressed, explaining that many leisure athletes don’t push themselves to the limit, but cheat in strenuous exercise when trainers don’t watch carefully. “Of course, it’s much more comfortable than working hard,” Santoro admitted, “but you can’t improve your physique!”

But not only the “expert cheating” among the active players is struggling in Santoro. Fans of cross trainers also have to accept unexpected criticism. “The fact is that elliptical machines do not enhance physical fitness and should be used mainly by people who are warming up or want to exercise their joints easily,” Santoro said.

Many people will stand on the rumeier machine for hours sweating and have a clear conscience. “But the truth is: usually no one leaves the cross trainer because it’s done. The whole thing has nothing to do with efficiency,” the personal trainer said.

But what is effective? Is there a perfect exercise method that can really keep everyone in shape? “Anyone who trains alone in a fitness center should use a treadmill or rowing machine,” Santoro said. “There are a lot of muscle groups at the same time.” In addition, training should always be tailored to your situation. If you like athletes, you should always combine nutritional suggestions.

The physical exercises that help you achieve your dreams are largely interchangeable, Santoro said. “Ultimately, what matters is a strong inner will to achieve something.”. Santoro said that it is this unconditional desire that finally makes the customer weak in action, “this is the only way to achieve his goal”.

Steven Wilson on discipline and patience
Steven Wilson, a personal coach and celebrity coach from Neuss, has a similar view. The 37 year old takes care of stars such as Verona price and Sofia tomara. For him, the most important thing is: “discipline, discipline, discipline”. One mistake many people who want to lose weight make is that they are easily distracted and don’t have enough patience.

“A lot of people think jogging is enough – but health needs more,” Steven Wilson said. Like Santoro, Wilson advocates training close to the performance limit. “The body has to be impacted – only in this way can it respond to stimuli,” fitness experts said. In addition, it is also important to adjust the training plan according to the performance level every four to six weeks. “You have to constantly challenge organisms to achieve results,” Wilson said.

If you are supported by a personal trainer in this area, you will also achieve your goals. “An hour with me costs 100 euros or more. People who invest so much money in fitness tend to be more motivated to move on than those who only pay membership fees to the gym,” Wilson explained.

Anyone who now thinks they are facing financial bankruptcy can breathe a sigh of relief because they are considering permanently booking a personal trainer. “If you complete a total of four to five units, that’s enough – every four to six weeks,” Marco Santoro said. The hamburger resident wants to encourage his clients to be more independent and see himself more as a “life optimizer” than a “companion service”. Therefore, a limited number of hours is sufficient. “I don’t want my clients to be useful for life,” Santoro said. “I’m happier when someone understands the principles of training and sends acquaintances or friends to me.”

Alexandra endlein on the importance of healthy nutrition
On the other hand, you need to be cautious when taking the “project dream body” into your own hands. “Many people trust the information provided by the Internet and want to diet quickly and get training results in this way,” said Alexandra endlein, a 40 year old personal trainer who works at first first in Munich hydhausen. But this approach will soon backfire.

“Most people who want to lose weight will soon regain their weight on their ribs,” endlein said, emphasizing how important it is to be patient and motivate themselves through small successes. “The fact is that after one or two weeks of training, you can see success. For example, you can complete more repetitions than the previous week,” endlein said. These small advances should not be ignored. “These are phased victories on the long road to beach characters,” experts said.

Another mistake many people make: “they just eat too little,” endrin said. Not eating enough calories can put your body in a state of alertness. Cells reduce their energy requirements and metabolism is secondary. “Anyone who eats normally again will automatically fall into the Yo Yo trap,” endlein explained. This must be avoided at all costs. Having said that, amateur athletes can remember some basic eating rules. “You should try to avoid carbohydrates at night,” endlein said.

Drinking more water also helps. Marco Santoro also complained about society’s “excessive carbohydrates”. He advocates not ordering and hanging around in salads often, but also enjoying your food. “There’s nothing wrong with an occasional big meal, but you have to be willing to train hard in return,” Santoro said. He took a sip of the latte Macchiato and grabbed the accompanying biscuit. “Anyone who never treats himself well will soon become dissatisfied,” Santoro said. Even in people with perfect circumference, it’s not good to be in a bad mood.