Weight Loss

Forever slim: Secret Eating Tips

Lose weight and stay slim – this is not an unfathomable science. Anyone can do it! Anyone who knows the secret of successful dieting and the best dieting skills will successfully fight excess weight, persevere and become slim. That’s permanent!

Diet skill 1: optimize eating habits
Crash diets don’t do much because the Yo Yo effect usually causes great disappointment in a short time. On the other hand, other dieting techniques also work: people who fundamentally change their eating habits, especially in the long run, will live better – and closer to their dream body. To get started, remember the following:
Eat calmly and chew slowly
Gradually reduce fat and sugar
Targeted prevention
Cook with as many quality ingredients as possible

Diet tip 2: know the top fillers
Eating healthily and losing weight without starvation are not dreams. If you know the best filling food, you can stick to a longer diet! Our top three: 1 Broccoli: broccoli contains a lot of valuable fiber, which can keep you full for a long time, but it contains almost no calories and fat. 100g: 25 kcal, 0.2g fat. 2. Lettuce: lettuce leaves have low calories, but high satiety fiber content. You can bash it – you just need to be careful of the fattening food hidden in the seasoning. 100g: 13 kcal, 0.2g fat. 3. Oatmeal: valuable high-quality carbohydrates can supplement energy reserves, keep you full for a long time and prevent hunger attacks. 100g oatmeal contains 370 kcal and 7g fat.

Diet skill 3: integrate exercise into daily life
Physical activity is the diet of alpha and omega, even if some consultants want us to know something else. Even for those who are least willing to exercise, there is an exercise that is both interesting and not overwhelming. From walking to jogging, swimming, badminton, cycling, yoga – the list is long. Positive side effects: exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, which is very interesting. It will increase overall well-being and burn a lot of calories in a short time

Diet skill 4: correct minor crimes
Minor sins occur in the best diet. 100 or 200 extra calories will soon appear in daily balance – those who want to lose weight will feel guilty. But don’t worry, you can easily make up for the extra calories wasted in your daily life

Diet tip 5: keep loose and be realistic
Consistency and discipline are important. However, those who are too strict with themselves often fall into the frustration trap, especially at the beginning of dieting. This is usually because the goal is too high to achieve. Those who realistically assessed their weight loss success (about 3 kilograms per month) lasted longer. If the balance seems stationary: don’t give up, don’t be busy, move on!