Harmful instagram trend fitspiration

Fitness maniacs post their bodybuilding figures on instagram with #fitspiration as the label. Researchers warn that the self-image of “normal” women is shaking.
Here’s a perfect hip, there’s a super tight washboard ABS, plus a clear smoothie and low carb: women have posted about 30 million photos on instagram showing their lifestyle, #fitspo or abbreviated as # fitspiration label

Unfortunately, beautiful and healthy self photography is not just to encourage other women to live a healthier life and do more exercise. Researchers at Flinders University in Australia have found that a trained body image can permanently damage the self-esteem of women whose bodies exceed health standards.

In the study, 130 women aged 17 to 30 were asked if and how they used instagram. They were also asked how satisfied they were with their bodies. The women were then divided into two groups. One group saw #fitspiration and photos of women in sportswear, and the other group saw travel photos.

Then ask the women again about their satisfaction with their bodies. The results were clear: women who saw #fitspiration pictures said they were less satisfied than those who saw travel pictures. The first group of women also had lower self-esteem.

Comparison reduces self-esteem
The researchers attributed dissatisfaction and inferiority to women comparing their bodies with perfect instagram pictures.

According to the researchers, #fitspiration’s photos do not depict normal women, but fitness models, which makes no difference – on the contrary, the more perfect the photos are, the more women’s self-esteem drops.

By the way, the assumption that women with perfect six pack abs are more likely to find a partner is wrong: according to dating website date com、Matchmaker. COM and amor According to a study by com, 85% of the men surveyed did not want to do more kilograms.