How high intensity training (HIT) works

Trend is a good form of fitness scene: Recently, the abbreviation of hit (high intensity training) appears more and more frequently in popular Internet forums and media. The concept behind hit has a history of more than 40 years. But what training methods should athletes consciously break through the limits? Manuel klandt, a qualified fitness coach, PE teacher and sports economist from winnigerson near Hanover, explained this exclusively in eat smart.

High intensity training or high intensity training (HIT) can be traced back to American Arthur Jones. In the 1970s, he developed this kind of training, which can be summarized by the formula of “short, intensive and infrequent”.

High intensity training – for whom?
“Fitness experts for beginners,” says Kuran t He only recommends intensive training for senior studio coaches or bodybuilders. Hit is also bad for many other competitive athletes in individual or team sports, because intensive training is associated with severe fatigue.

How does high intensity training work?
High intensity training refers to high intensity and low capacity. Start with a short warm-up phase of 5 to 10 minutes on a treadmill, stationary bike or rowing machine. Next is the actual high-intensity training. Train only one group per muscle! But you do this group until you’re completely exhausted. So your muscles should burn normally. Then take a breath and repeat it several times. Then move on to the next exercise. After the hit unit, do a cool exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes, such as on a dynamometer.

Manuel klandt suggested: “find training partners. The risk of injury is significantly reduced when exercising in pairs, especially when performing free weight exercises.”

The training time shall not exceed 45 minutes and shall be conducted at most 2 to 4 times a week. Fitness coach crant said there should be at least two better days off between strength training sessions.

Is high intensity training suitable for aerobic exercise?
There is also high-intensity training in the endurance field, but Manuel klandt said: “we only use hit in the strength field. In endurance training, we use intermittent method according to requirements and personal goals, for example. Due to high fatigue, the muscles have no further learning effect, and the risk of injury is greatly increased.

Fitness instructor’s additional tip: targeted endurance training during a hit training cycle of about 8 weeks can actually be counterproductive. Instead, make an annual plan and integrate effective aerobic training at another time.

Can I lose weight through intensive training?
“Senior studio trainers can lose weight through hit, but they should always add moderate and personalized cardiovascular training,” Manuel klandt suggested. Correct diet, regeneration stage and low stress index in daily life are also important weight loss components.

According to the fitness coach, the training is not suitable for overweight people to lose weight. Especially overweight people often have to fight high blood pressure and take medicine and exercise. The high intensity of hit is dangerous! However, in principle, the individual’s health must be taken into account.

What are the benefits of intense training?
This is an effective and efficient muscle exercise that takes very little time.

What are the risks of high-intensity training?
Crant, a sports scientist, warned that the risks involved in high-intensity training could not be ignored. High strength can lead to overload of ligament and tendon structures, joints and central nervous system. If you train without a training partner, the trainee also has the risk of overestimating himself – the risk of injury is high, especially in the free weight area.

Conclusion: high intensity training is not suitable for everyone
It is not surprising that high-intensity training is so popular today: it provides verifiable results in a relatively short time. Nevertheless, the warning of our fitness experts cannot be ignored: hit is only applicable to experienced studio athletes. Anyone who dares to do high-intensity training should ensure that they exercise correctly and have enough rest time. Manuel klandt works as a sports economist, sports teacher and certified fitness coach in ELAN fitness and wellness Park wennigsen near Hanover. There are other Elan stores in balsinghausen and Hildesheim, also in Hanover since 2014. Internet: Elan fitness de (leu)