Weight Loss

How to avoid heat traps

Whether we like it or not, our eating habits often fall into a calorie trap. But they are easy to avoid. Eating smarter can reveal the hiding place of obese people.

What should we pay attention to in finished food
Of course, you never have time to shop quietly. You quickly load the familiar products into the shopping cart and rush to the next checkout. Then, the calorie bomb may appear on the cash register. But if you watch carefully, you can put them on the shelf in advance. Each pack contains calories. If a meal has more than 700 calories, you should consider whether you really need this dish. In most cases, heat is provided per 100 grams. However, you usually eat the whole content. In addition, it is also worth looking at the ingredients list. The most important thing is above. If fat or sugar is at the top, you should be careful. By the way: sugar doesn’t have to be called sugar on the ingredient list. He can also hide under other names. These include fructose, glucose, glucose, galactose, isoglucose, corn syrup, glucose syrup, maltose, refined sugar, sucrose or maltodextrin. These substances are nothing but sugar.

What should we pay attention to in the canteen
There is hardly a place where you can get food faster: nearly 6 million Germans often eat lunch in the canteen. Unfortunately, the biggest temptation here is to grab French fries, mayonnaise and curry sauce quickly. Before you realize this, calories are already in your body. It is best to choose unprocessed products. Take unpaired meat or unpaired fish as an example. Because bread itself contains a lot of calories. It’s best to avoid eating meat completely. Because this is also possible in the canteen. For example, grab a salad from time to time. As a big part, salad can be a real satisfaction. You can also make it more delicious with a matching sauce. However, if you put the sauce in an extra cup, you can decorate the salad more economically on the table.

Spend enough time sleeping
If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll get fat. Canadian researchers found this link in a study of primary school students. They investigated the sleep behavior of 442 children aged 5 to 10. The result: children who slept less than 10 hours a day were three and a half times more likely to be overweight. The researchers suspect that leptin levels are low: leptin regulates metabolism and inhibits hunger. People who sleep less have less leptin in their blood. Ghrelin levels are rising. This hormone stimulates appetite. Even if you don’t necessarily need ten hours as an adult, take the time to get enough sleep. Maybe you can come for seven hours? In order to have a safe sleep, you should try to sleep at the same time. Be sure to ventilate the room first. Avoid alcohol. He messed up the rhythm.

Pay attention to finding
Friends invite you to dinner. In a good mood, the food tastes good, even if it is rich in calories. Just when you feel full, the host comes and provides follow-up service. How do you get out of this situation? It’s best to start with a small portion. So you can give yourself another drink at the end. The host won’t feel pimped, and you won’t feel guilty. You can also make yourself a driver. So you automatically stop drinking. If you want to work harder, try eating less all day. It’s important that you don’t absorb more energy than your body consumes at the end of the day.

Just leave something.
Once you feel full, don’t force your food in. Leave it alone. Don’t you want to throw anything away? Then from the beginning, use smaller plates, eat less, and practice in small portions. Or you can prepare food in such a way that you can still eat the next day.

Be prepared for stress attacks
With the increase of pressure, many people will automatically grab candy. But with a little preparation, you can also deal with these thickeners. Plan three staples firmly and try to keep them even during stress. Prepare a plate of sliced vegetables and crispy bread for a rainy day. So you can at least save calories while eating.