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How to distinguish between appetite and hunger?

It’s not easy. A few hours after the last meal, the body hunger gradually develops, manifested as physical discomfort, such as weakness, slight trembling or stomach growling. Appetite is more externally controlled.

For example, you just ate a pretty good lentil soup in the canteen. This dish is quite delicious, but there is nothing special about it, just like most days. Now walk into the street and pass one of the countless bakeries. They bake fresh bread in a small oven every few minutes. The warm, sweet smell of pastry rises in your nose. You want a cake right away. The desire to attract you into the store is not a strong sense of hunger, but its luxury version: pure desire means appetite. Although the true physical feeling of hunger urges you to eat something and reminds you of something that can eliminate hunger, the appetite is selective: a cake or an ice cream, which will go well with it. But please don’t eat another plate of lentil soup.