Weight Loss

How to save fat skillfully

Many foods or dishes usually contain a lot of fat. This is totally unnecessary because it depends on the right preparation. We’ll show you how to save fat easily.

Fat saving: the right temperature
We often put meat into the pot too early. Proper temperature is very important. When the pot is hot enough, the pores of the meat close immediately, so it absorbs less fat. But how do I know if the pot is hot enough? Just put a dry wooden spoon in the pot. When small bubbles appear around the spoon, the fat is hot enough to fry.

Fat saving: brush oil
Usually we pour the oil and fat in the bottle directly into the pot. However, with a good pan, we need much less oil than we thought. Use spray or brush. This will save you a lot of fat and calories.

Save fat: use kitchen towels
Simply place your fried meat, greasy anti Basti or greasy potato pancakes on the kitchen towel and pat them gently to save a lot of fat because they will be absorbed by the kitchen towel.

Save fat: use bread crumbs instead of cheese
Casserole dishes are usually ground with a lot of cheese. It tastes good, but it contains a lot of calories and fat. In order to make crisp and low-fat bread crust, you can skip half of the cheese and use bread crumbs instead.

Save fat: steam instead of fry
If you want to save fat, the magic word is steam. Simply wrap the fish or chicken with some herbs in foil and put it in the oven. Delicious and light hospitality.

Save fat: use mineral water instead of butter
Fried eggs are best fried in butter? That’s not true. Fry eggs with carbonated mineral water. Boil two tablespoons in a saucepan and add eggs. Skimmed milk is also suitable as a substitute. By avoiding butter, you can save a lot of fat. Also suitable for Eggplant and pancakes.

Save fat: use potatoes instead of cream
Cream sauces taste delicious, but they are usually very greasy because they are made of cream. Low fat alternatives are potatoes. Very finely ground, because of their strength, they combine to make the sauce and soup more creamy.

Save fat when baking
Baking can also save fat. Egg yolks contain a lot of fat. Replace five whole eggs with two whole eggs and 3-4 proteins. The following applies to dough: biscuits, yeast or strudel dough have a lower fat content than other dough. If you put the baking paper on the cake plate or in the spring rolls, you can avoid being greasy.

Save fat: use broth instead of oil
Salads taste great with spices, but that doesn’t make it easier. If you want to save fat, use vegetable soup instead of half the oil. This gives the salad a spicy and healthy taste.