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Hunger: the best way to resist appetite attacks

Desire is dangerous. Most of the time, he appears in front of us completely unexpectedly – it must be a piece of chocolate or a snack. But desire is no accident. With our skills, you can successfully prevent and respond correctly in an emergency.
Never crave: eat often
Those who don’t eat may save calories, but it also creates a good basis for appetite. Because it all depends on blood sugar levels. If it falls, the desire to eat will rise. Therefore, in order to prevent appetite, we should pay attention to a regular and healthy diet. A good breakfast, lunch and dinner can keep blood sugar levels unchanged and prevent annoying appetite.
Stay away from light products and sugar
Sugar and sweeteners quickly increase insulin levels. After that, he quickly lost weight and developed an appetite. Therefore, light products containing sweeteners, lemonade (also a dietary variant) and sugary foods should not or rarely appear on the menu.
Whole grain products and homemade desserts made from fruit and low-fat natural yogurt are more suitable. This provides satisfying fibers and lasting energy – desire is almost impossible.
If there is a strong desire to distract temporarily
Cravings usually last only a few minutes. Those who do not immediately succumb to it can usually successfully bypass it by distracting themselves with something they can’t eat. Walk around, chew gum, write an important email – try what works best for you!
Drink to your appetite
Old trick against appetite: drink a large glass of mineral water slowly before eating and when appetite attacks. It fills the stomach and saves the worst. A cup of unsweetened tea can also help ease appetite and shorten the time before the next big meal.
Look for an anti stress strategy for craving
Hunger usually has nothing to do with real hunger. Usually you eat a sweet or greasy snack between boredom, stress or sadness. Warning: a chocolate bar will only make the tension – if any – disappear for a short time, but will stay in the hip for a longer time.
Our tip: for the desire caused by stress, as an emergency help, take a short breath of fresh air, take a deep breath and concentrate. In the long run, you should consider how to change your daily life sustainably in order to be more relaxed in general. A new hobby, a new work structure – set a goal for yourself and solve it. Of course, this desire will also decrease.
Anti hunger emergency plan
Prepare a healthy snack for a rainy day. However, it should not be so delicious that you also eat it, although you have no desire. For example, salt free rice waffles are ideal as an emergency reserve for cravings. They can help solve unexpected cravings, especially as part of diet or dietary changes.
Better persistence: don’t be too strict
Anyone who bans any unhealthy food and removes it from the menu will almost naturally crave it. It becomes more and more powerful. Until you find yourself in a snack bar at night, stuffing yourself with curry sauce and French fries. Total abstinence is often counterproductive and even promotes appetite.
If you can’t live without it, indulge in small sins from time to time, but eat consciously and happily. You will find that its taste is often not as delicious as you think. More information on this topic can be found in our article hunger: why you become greedy.