Weight Loss

Is hypnosis helpful to appetite?

Yes, usually this effect even happens surprisingly fast. Especially if seizures like wolf hunger are closely related to special conditions, or you lose control by eating only very specific foods, even a few treatments can bring positive changes.

In medicine and psychotherapy, the so-called hypnotherapy also plays a role in the general treatment of overweight. Therapists use a special state of consciousness in which patients feel deeply relaxed and perceive their inner world more strongly than when awake, that is, feeling and memory.

People perceive the body differently, for example, lighter or heavier. The muscles relax, the heart slows and the breathing becomes calm. Under the influence of hypnosis, the brain works differently, just like in a state of meditation and relaxation.

Therefore, those feelings and memories that are shielded or buried become easy to understand. It’s definitely worth trying hypnotherapy to eliminate emotional cravings. Specially trained doctors and psychotherapists use deep relaxation trance to find out the causes of dietary aggression and treat diseases. The effectiveness of this method has been scientifically proved. Therefore, when you apply, many health insurance companies will pay at least part of the cost of treatment.