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Latest Makeup And Hair Fads

Adieu, winter! You were fun. We enjoyed plum colored lips, scarves, and boots, but now it is time for us to have some fun with bursts of bright colors. What colors and fads, you ask? Read on!
Go Nude:
While long eyelashes used to be fashionable, now the focus is on more natural eyes with bright eye-shadows. Megan McIntyre explains, “good news for everyone else who’s not into tarantula lashes: makeup artists are shunning the mascara wand in favor of a more natural lash look. While the emphasis this season is most definitely on the eye, the trend is on using vibrant, saturated colors and keeping fringes either nude or lightly “ ((

On Your Nails Too:
Check out nails in nude colors. They look fantastic with a tan!

Matte It Out:
With the weather changing, consider using matte colors for your lips. McIntyre writes, “While matte lips might be a bit much in the summer, when temperatures soar and makeup seems to literally melt off your face, spring’s milder climes lend themselves perfectly to a more robust lip option. “ But, this is not just a convenient option. It is something that famous designers do too, “after checking out the runways at Missoni, Giles, Prada, and a host of others, we think it’s safe to say you should stock up on matte colors in the coming months”
Pink is back!
All things pink are in fashion this season, from pink eye-shadow, to soft pink lips. Megan McIntyre writes, “In the midst of all of the hullabaloo over Tangerine Tango last year, pink kind of got the shaft. Thankfully, trendsetters have remembered just how versatile this girly-girl staple is and given it new life by incorporating it into a bevy of spring beauty looks. We saw it pop up on lips — more on that later — but also woven into sophisticated bouffants at Oscar de la Renta, and in a bold swath adorning the eyes at Donna Karan.”

Dark Green is Here, too!
Are you sick of the orange trend? It is time for dark green to get some love this season. McIntyre enthuses, “we’re stoked that Pantone named emerald green the color of 2013. We think this underrated hue deserves way more attention that it usually gets.” So, stock up on green eye-shadow, bring in your inner Poison Ivy and embrace the green.
BB Creams:
You will see the commercials on television playing over and over; every company at this point probably has a BB cream out there on the market. BB creams are like tinted moisturizers. They provide coverage for your face, but they also have an anti-aging quality to them, which is why they are so popular this spring season.