Weight Loss

Lose weight with kale: Five Great Recipes for less than 400 calories

The kale season is now January. Green leaves can be prepared in many ways and provide only a small amount of calories. With these five recipes, weight loss with kale is a piece of cake – and a real pleasure. Try it yourself!

1. Cabbage and potato soup

Potato soup not only fills you up, but also has few calories. The classic here is refined with aromatic kale and spicy sausage – it’s so delicious to lose weight with kale!

2. Kale grain Risotto

Everyone knows ordinary risotto, but have you ever tried a classic Italian dish that uses pearl barley and wheat grains instead of rice? If not, you should make up for it as soon as possible. With delicious kale and crispy carrots, it becomes a winter dish suitable for body.

3. Kale lasagna

Weight loss with kale also applies to lasagna! With delicious pasta dishes, rich cheese and fragrant tomatoes, these vegetables become a real enjoyment.

4. Asian Kale

Here, simple vegetables meet exotic flavor – a successful combination! Embark on a gourmet journey with delicious Asian kale – just 25 minutes.

5. Kale salad with carrots

Only a few people know that kale is a salad. Green leaves are a good substitute for Romana & Co!