New fitness trend: Aqua Zumba

Zumba dance in the water – is this possible? yes! Combined with the classic water aerobics, Latin American dance exercise is also an effective water exercise. Eat smarter introduces the so-called “aqua Zumba” and reveals whether you should also try new fitness trends.

Almost everyone is familiar with Zumba fitness: dance exercise in Latin America has conquered many fitness studios. Now it’s the swimming pool, because Zumba fitness can also be carried out in the water. It is called “aqua Zumba”.

What is aqua Zumba?
Aqua Zumba is more than just Zumba fitness in the water. Of course, there are also normal Zumba dances in aqua Zumba, but these are combined with traditional water aerobics. These include, for example, running on the spot or dolphin kicking. However, due to water resistance, you can’t practice dance steps as quickly as you can on land. Therefore, the rhythm of aqua Zumba is only about half that of classic Zumba.

Aqua Zumba and Zumba fitness have one thing in common: the focus is to have fun. The motto is “give up exercise and join the party!” It’s not unreasonable. With aqua Zumba, it becomes “taking a party to the swimming pool”. You can sing loudly and splash around during training – Aqua Zumba should be more like a pool party than a regular training course.

What are the benefits of aqua Zumba?
Aqua Zumba is a comprehensive exercise that trains muscles and endurance. In the aqua Zumba course, the whole body is trained – from the legs to the trunk and arms. The buoyancy of water makes all the difference: it makes the movement that seems easy on land more laborious. So even the smallest action can have a great impact. Good side effects: an hour of aqua Zumba burns about 400 calories.

Another advantage of aqua Zumba: if you don’t like dancing in front of others on land, you can really vent here. Because no one can observe the underwater dance.

Who is aqua Zumba suitable for?
Anyone can do Aqua Zumba. However, it is especially suitable for overweight people, the elderly and people with damaged joints. Because the buoyancy of water supports the joints, it has less pressure on the joints.

For Aqua Zumba, you don’t need any prior knowledge of water aerobics or Zumba.