New fitness trends: do you already know Bobby?

Burqa is not just any fitness exercise, it is an effective whole-body exercise! This has conquered more and more gyms and cross gym boxes. Eat smarter introduces burpees and explains why the combination of strength and endurance training is so effective.

In 1939, Royal burdle mentioned fitness in his doctoral thesis, but he didn’t realize it. It is true that today’s burqa is no longer the movement envisaged by American physiologists at that time. But the basic framework still exists.

What is Bobby?
Burpee is a combination of several classic sports: from squatting to push ups to stretching and jumping. So if you do 10 bobbies, you also have to do 10 push ups, 10 squats and 10 jumps. No wonder this whole body exercise is very effective and very laborious.

Here we explain how Bobby works:
Bobby – Description:
1. Stand with your legs as wide as your hips.
2. Squat down with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders in front of your feet.
3. Jump into push ups and stretch your legs back.
4. Do push ups.
5. Tighten your legs again until you squat. At the same time, put your hands on the ground.
6. Stretch up and jump.

Why should I be Bobby?
Legs, hips, back, shoulders, chest and arms – many muscle groups are trained with the help of gowns. But not only that: whole body exercise can also enhance endurance. In addition, a lot of calories are burned. There is no more effective exercise than this!

Another advantage of the robe is that you don’t need special equipment or a lot of space. Whether indoors or outdoors: you can exercise almost anywhere. In fact, there’s no reason not to add Bobby to your own training program.

By the way, as early as the 1940s, the US Army recognized many advantages of the burqa and incorporated it into its physical fitness test. Nowadays, there is hardly any cross fitness exercise without wearing a robe. Maybe you are one of the many Bobby fans in the world.