New trend: Fitness Bracelet – curse or blessing?

Count steps, measure kilometers and inspire more exercise in your daily life – all of which should be possible with fitness bracelets. Whether it’s jogging, training equipment, or even just walking: wherever you are, you’ll meet people with sports accessories hanging from their wrists. But what can fitness bracelets do? Eat smarter has tested two models!

Fitness wristbands can measure the wearer’s actual activity and should encourage them to exercise more in their daily life. It’s actually very practical – if it works! Bracelet manufacturers firmly believe in this and bring more and more models to the market. At the mobile world conference in Barcelona, Europe’s largest mobile fair, Samsung showed off its new fitness wristband “gear fit”. Sony, LG and Huawei will also sell their own fitness wristbands in the near future.

Working principle of fitness Bracelet
A small sensor in the bracelet detects motion and converts it into steps and kilometers. But this system has one drawback. The sensor cannot accurately “feel” the type of exercise in progress, which means cycling is less “laborious” than typing this article – just because my hands on the bike are quieter than when I sit in front of the computer, so the mileage balance is not accurate. The GPS transmitter that accurately measures the driving distance does not include the fitness bracelet.

Fitness Bracelet: useful or useless?
Because of the fitness wristband, I really moved a lot: I took a walk during my lunch break, or took the waste paper to a container a little farther away – so that I could achieve my predetermined fitness goal. Surprisingly, the two bracelets are consistent in steps and calorie information. If you need motivation and extra motivation to do more exercise, I can only suggest you try a fitness Bracelet once.
However, both bracelets have disadvantages. I play volleyball. Since the sensors are not necessarily impact resistant, I can’t wear a fitness wristband during training – unfortunately, this distorts my statistics.