Weight Loss

Permanent weight loss: the best perseverance skill

Anyone who wants to lose weight permanently is usually motivated at first. But if you lose weight more slowly after a few weeks, it’s easy to fall into a state of lack of motivation. And eventually in the chocolate Department of the supermarket, not in the gym. But that’s not necessarily true. With the right motivational skills, you can lose weight permanently.

Changing diet and enough exercise will soon lead to weight loss. This will motivate you to stick to it. But after a few weeks, the weight naturally fell more slowly. This is when many people who want to lose weight give up, even if they want to lose weight forever.

You can prevent this kind of food trap. The two most important things you need to continue to do: contracts and good bookkeeping. It sounds strange, but it makes sense: the purchase agreement helps to deal with the goal in detail. Before you start the weight loss phase, write down what you plan to do and what you want, and set a rough final weight goal.

If motivation is likely to wane, you can look at the contract and be aware of your goals and aspirations again – it’s a small psychological skill, but it works very well.

It is important not to set unrealistic high goals. For people who want to lose weight permanently, the food diary is also an important part. Because it helps expose minor sins. Those who keep careful records in the first few weeks of changing their diet are more persistent: when do you eat and, most importantly, what? Enter each cookie and pizza. You record your current weight once a week.

This will give you a good understanding of your eating habits, and you will soon be proud to see its changes. By the way: there is good reason to record your weight only once a week. Frustration is inevitable when weighing every day. Our weight fluctuates every day – and in women, because of the menstrual cycle – and if you weigh too often, it loses its meaning.

Frustrated by overly ambitious goals
“From today on, I won’t eat sweets!”; “From now on, I will exercise four times a week!” If you set unrealistic goals for yourself, your desire to lose weight will stop before you really start. Permanent weight loss doesn’t work at all. Because if you don’t follow the rules you set, you will immediately feel sad and consider giving up.

Better: criticize yourself and set small milestones you can stick to. It also helps plan small rewards – expectations to ensure success. According to the weight you want to lose, set the kilogram class and set small rewards in advance. For example, this can be a new summer dress after losing the first five kilograms. If you use these motivational techniques, you will have little problem sticking to your diet.

It also helps: don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Research shows that shopping carts often have too much, especially unhealthy food. Better: shopping is full and planned (prepare shopping lists). Don’t hoard stocks. Stocks will tempt you to catch them quickly. Better: always buy fresh, don’t store anything.

Smart distractions that start by focusing only on changing your diet and losing weight are exhausting. Even better, find yourself a new hobby that has nothing to do with sports or nutrition, and let your soul swing from time to time.

If you want to permanently change your diet and are looking for the right diet or just a delicious recipe for low calorie dishes, you will find what you want here.