Physical examination: this sport is suitable for you

Finding the right sport for you can be a daunting task. Eat smarter fitness check can help you find absolutely dream sports.

Have you tried some sports, but somehow they don’t really excite you? no problem! Physical examination can provide some valuable suggestions for your dream exercise.
Task of physical examination: count correctly
Health checks are easy to do: read the following statements and check if they apply to you. Collect sports and write them on a piece of paper. If one of the sports appears 3 times, it may be suitable for you.

Physical examination: Paper 1
“I’m really happy only when every pore is sweating.”
In front of the figure in the dream, sweating. This is correct. If this sentence also applies to you, you should go jogging. Alternatively, football, handball, badminton or basketball are also possible.

Physical examination: Paper 2
“No sweat”
Since there is another way, why sweat profusely? In this case, walking, swimming, water jogging or volleyball in the beginner stage will be an ideal choice.

Physical examination: Paper 3
“Short and fierce is better than long and flat”,
If you want to get back to business immediately, you need short-term high-intensity explosive output exercise. If you feel the same way, consider changing the pace, jogging, football, volleyball or tennis.

Physical examination: paper 4
“Nothing is better than long-term and continuous training.”
Because this is the best way to relax and recharge in daily life. Anyone who thinks so should try jogging or swimming. Or, of course, you can walk.

Physical examination: Paper 5
“I like playing in a team”
It’s good to have team sports. In a team is the most interesting. In this case, any team sport is suitable for you, such as football, handball, basketball, badminton or tennis.

Physical examination: paper 6
“I do my business alone”
If you like to train by yourself, you should choose a personal sport. You can jog, walk, swim or jog in the water.

Physical examination: paper 7
“It won’t work without action.”
Do you need diversity, excitement and excitement? Try badminton, handball, tennis, basketball, volleyball or football.

Physical examination: paper 8
“I can relax, too”
In this case, jogging, walking, swimming or water jogging are all right for you.

Physical examination: paper 9
“I need direct physical contact”
In handball, basketball or football, you play against the other team. Depending on the hardness, this can lead to strong physical contact.

Physical examination: paper 10
“Physical confrontation doesn’t have to be”
In this case, individual sports jogging, walking, swimming and water jogging will suit you. But team sports badminton and volleyball will also be fun for you.