Weight Loss

Save calories – How do I change the menu

Schnitzels, burgers, chips: While these are all delicious, they’re also real calorie bombs. You can easily replace them with lower-energy foods that taste at least as good. Find out what groceries you can trade here.

High calorie foods and their substitutes

Have some nuts, nougat cream for breakfast, fried pork chops with French fries for lunch, bee sting in the afternoon and potato chips in front of the TV in the evening. This will soon add 2000 calories. But it is also more economical. Many calorie bombs can be replaced by delicious alternatives. This not only brings diversity to the menu, but also reduces the energy balance by half. It also applies to salty food and beverages. With some quick tips, menus can reduce calories Eat smarter offers some alternatives and how many calories you can save. On the left, you will find “fatty food” and how many calories it contains. On the right is a possible alternative.

“Fat maker” alternatives
The bee sting

1. 390 calories

Plum cake

1 item: 190 calories

Chocolate-filled double biscuits

1 item: 116 calories

Butter cookies

2 items: 41 calories

Nut nougat cream

20g: 107 calories

Maple syrup

20g: 50 calories

Dark chocolate

50g: 257 calories

Chocolate pudding

Service: 146 calories

Bright and clear
“Fat maker” alternatives

1 item: 345 calories

Ham roll

1 item: 158 calories

Potato chips, salted

100g: 557 calories


100g: 345 calories

Pork schnitzel, wrapped in chips

Service: 968 calories

1/2 chicken bun

Service: 342 calories

Tuna in oil

100g: 283 calories

The juice of the tuna itself

100g: 110 calories


100g: 250 calories

Chicken breast

100g: 117 calories

The hamburger

1 piece: 500 calories


1 item: 280 calories

Bacon and potato salad

200g: 516 calories

Jacket potatoes with quarks

200g: 160 calories

“Fat maker” alternatives
Latte Macchiato (with whole milk)

1 cup: 220 to 380 calories

(Quantity depends on provider)


1 cup: 86 calories

A milkshake

0.25L: 210 calories

Whey beverage

0.25L: 122 calories


0.5L: 220 calories

Non-alcoholic beer

0.5L: 140 calories