Slim and slim, with anti gravity Yoga

Handstands strengthen muscles? This is normal in anti gravity yoga. Because with this new yoga trend, you can hang a cloth on the ceiling for training. It’s not only fun, but also makes you healthy. Eat smarter introduces you to anti gravity yoga and the real role of yoga in this new fitness trend.

In fact, Christopher Harrison, founder of the American acrobatic group anti gravity, just wanted to provide his athletes with a way to stay healthy between performances. To this end, he combined his personal yoga experience with the athlete’s “working tool” – Acrobatic bedspread. Results: the exercise inspired not only Harrison’s colleagues, but also Yoga lovers around the world.

What is anti gravity Yoga?
Aerial Yoga: in anti gravity Yoga (“gravity” means “gravity”), there is a large cloth hanging from the ceiling where you can sit and hang – similar to a swing. Therefore, you can practice asanas (yoga exercises) without touching the ground. In this way, even beginners can practice difficult postures, such as handstand. Weightlessness is not only a very interesting factor in anti gravity yoga, it can also train abdominal and back muscles. Because there are no legs and feet on the ground, the core muscles must support and stabilize the body alone. It also trains balance.

However, loitering has other effects: it is said to help ease the neck and spine, reduce joints and relieve tension.
The difference between anti gravity yoga and yoga
But anti gravity yoga is not just Yoga: it also includes elements of Pilates, dance and fitness. Therefore, compared with classic yoga, it is more acrobatic and interesting. In addition, anti gravity yoga focuses on fitness rather than spirit.

Here you can try anti gravity yoga
Anti gravity yoga is not very popular in Germany and can only be taught by specially trained coaches. You can try anti gravity yoga in the following Studios:
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Berlin: Aspria
Darmstadt: Body Culture
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