Soul cycling: this cycling sport intoxicates fitness lovers

The world’s fitness studios are full of a new trend: Soul cycling – cycling and partying at the same time. The body is trimmed and the soul is released into a loud electronic sound. A unique life attitude, the soul riding coach also paid a high price for it. The United States, full of opportunities, has been attracted by the new cycling movement. Eat smarter introduces the soul cycle.

This is the soul cycle
New trend sports make riders sweat on the dynamometer! But soul cycling is not an ordinary fitness course, because the atmosphere here is very special: the dark training room glitters under the candlelight, and the participants ride the bike tightly for 45 minutes. For the loud electric bass, they are guided by a coach who exercises on a dynamometer on a base in the middle of the room and constantly encourages them to stick to it.

In 2006, Julie and Elizabeth put forward the idea of soul circle. Within 45 minutes, participants should train and stimulate electronic music in the atmosphere of the nightclub. But it’s not just those who have been trained that have been solved: even cyclists have participated in the course, and everyone inspires each other, thus enhancing the sense of unity – calorie consumption can easily fall back backstage.

Exclusive lifestyle
Fitness enthusiasts can complete a 45 minute soul riding course for about $34. The course is fully booked in advance and can only be cancelled 24 hours before the beginning of the course – otherwise you still have to pay. A good reason to overcome your weak self.