Step by step towards your dream body!

The days are getting longer and the temperature is getting lower and lower. It’s time to solve the “summer people” project! Personal trainer Andreas neichsner trained many celebrities and told us step by step how to find our dream body.

What mistakes do we usually make when we start the dream body project?
“Most people take on too much at first. They start to be very aggressive and take on too much. Then the fun quickly disappears! It’s very important to set yourself a big main goal. But it should be broken down into many small sub goals and rewarded for achieving these intermediate steps.”

Key words “current situation analysis”: how important is it to know your position and record where you want to go in order to get the body in your dream?
“Anyone who is sick should see their family doctor and have a thorough examination before starting an exercise program. People over the age of 35 who have not exercised for many years should also consult their doctor in advance. If you just have a cosmetic problem, you only need a good body fat scale and a tape measure to record your current situation. And: documentation is the driving force.”

But isn’t that too inaccurate?
“Of course, the measurements made by the exercise doctor using special equipment are more accurate. But your own measurements can provide good guidance, are free, and are usually enough incentive once you see measurable differences! However, it is important to always be measured by a second person and, if possible, by the same person.”

Tip: draw a point on your skin, show the position of the tape measure and take a picture – you will still know the exact position of your measurement in a few weeks.

On the way to your dream body: how to find a suitable sport?
“Do you prefer solo artists or team athletes? Most importantly, exercise must be fun, or you’ll soon stop training again. Another problem is usually personal or professional commitment. That’s why running is actually the best exercise. You can start anywhere with very little equipment. But many people don’t like jogging, so it’s best to look elsewhere, even if it means playing at club The date of the Department is fixed. ”

What’s better for your dream body: endurance training or strength training?
“It’s important for women to lose weight because of the lack of fat in their body. It’s not always important for them to lose weight properly, especially if they don’t train their muscles properly.

Andreas neichsner showed exercises to strengthen back and abdominal muscles on YouTube.
But don’t I have big muscles?
In my opinion, women do too little muscle training. Women don’t need to be afraid of strong arms. They’re not designed for it. ”

How important is the training program for dream characters?
“Few people have a proper training plan. This divides the year into several cycles in which the body is under stress in very different ways. But for many people, this is too complicated. It’s good to keep at least one training diary. Therefore, you can see your success (or failure) at a glance 。 Many beginners often forget that the body needs rest. The so-called super tonic is at least as important as actual training! ”

Tip: if you train very hard and often and still can’t achieve any success, you may be overtraining. Symptoms of overtraining include increased resting heart rate, difficulty sleeping and headache.