The best music for your fitness program

For many athletes, earplugs are now part of their exercise equipment like sneakers and fitness clothes. But not for fashion reasons: you can train more effectively with the music in your ear. Many studies have also confirmed this link. Eat smarter reveals the factors you should consider when choosing music.

Hearing the right music, many things are possible: step on the gas again in the last mile, add two additional repetitions during strength training, or relax more deeply through yoga. The right song helps you make the most of every workout.

Break the world record with “ski Ba BOP Ba DOP BOP”: marathon runner Haile Gebrselassie is said to have trained for Scatman John’s “Scatman’s world”. But not everyone can run a marathon within three hours of Scatman John’s music training. Because which songs can inspire the best performance varies from person to person. However, even if there is no general song recommendation, each fitness music should meet the following factors:

Each song is divided into beats per minute (BPM). For running, music from 120 bpm (e.g. Lady Gaga “born this way”, 124 BPM) to 140 BPM (e.g. Michael Jackson “beat it”, 139 BPM) is appropriate. This speed is suitable for running rhythm and your own rhythm. Beginners prefer to choose music no more than 120 bpm, while advanced players can also choose songs of about 150 bpm.

Music for personal training
Training is divided into different areas, such as warm-up, perseverance or relaxation. Each stage needs its own music. Start your training with your favorite songs, which will increase your mood and increase your motivation. A faster, more dynamic beat forces you to stick to it. At the end of training, a slightly slower song helps to relax.

Variety is important
If you train with the same song for a few months, you will eventually stop motivating them. Therefore, change the music list every three to six months. If you can’t think of a suitable song, please find it on the Internet, such as the website of American women’s magazine Marie Claire. The editors recommended a special “playlist” for 28 different sports. You can also get inspiration from celebrities: Star coach Tracy Anderson posts a new online playlist on her blog every month.

Research confirms the influence of music
The influence of music on training has also been scientifically proved. Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist, has published many studies on music and sports. His result: by properly training music, the body releases more endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone. They increase motivation, bring better endurance performance, and delay fatigue and fatigue. A recent study in the Journal of strength and fitness research also shows that listening to music during training can not only improve objective performance, but also improve your mood.

By the way: the personal song tip of sports psychologist Karageorghis is Bill conti’s “gonna fly now”, which is from the “Rocky” movie. What music do you listen to during exercise?