The best pre exercise snack

Do you finally want to really start and do more exercise again to lose a few pounds? However, the right diet is crucial. Therefore, we will tell you the best snacks you should eat before training.
1. Yo yo
First of all, it should be said that it is particularly important to drink enough water before exercise, because the body will lose a lot of water through sweating. Anything that has a burden on the stomach should not be eaten immediately before exercise. Instead, exercise by eating snacks that provide a lot of energy in the form of carbohydrates.
2. Greek yogurt with fruit
In the past, Greek yogurt was traditionally drained in linen bags, but today the machine takes over the process, but the principle is the same. Because yogurt is particularly smooth and firm when it is used up and dried side by side. Due to the special manufacturing process, Greek yogurt has lower carbohydrate content and higher protein content than ordinary yogurt, so it is an excellent snack before exercise.
Yogurt can be refined with fresh fruit and a little homemade granola – a crisp cereal that you can make as you like. However, the fat content of Greek yogurt is 10% higher than that of ordinary yogurt. But now there are variants with lower fat content.
If you don’t want to eat anything before exercise and don’t want to train on an empty stomach, you should prepare a smoothie recipe. A mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates provides a lot of energy.
3. In a dry towel
Whether it’s figs, apricots or apple rings: dried fruits can quickly provide a lot of energy to the body because they contain more fructose than fresh fruits. For this reason, you shouldn’t eat too many dried fruits, but one or two figs are an ideal source of fast energy before exercise.
This snack may sound unusual at first, but it is very popular in the United States and has been eaten by models and celebrities. Just slice half an apple and coat it with peanut butter. You can also make your own nut cream and save some calories. Click here for instructions on smarter peanut butter.
5. All cheese
Granular cream cheese
Granular cream cheese is also a good pre exercise snack. Just eat low-fat cheese alone, with leek or some fruit and honey. This snack has low calories and high protein content.
6. Wow
If you like something rich, you can pick up a pita cake and dip it in hummus before exercise. Chickpea dip contains a lot of fiber and provides a lot of energy. Therefore, nothing can hinder strength training. Generally speaking, hummus is very healthy, so it should appear on the menu more frequently.
7. All bananas
Bananas are often demonized and called fattening fruit – but that’s wrong. They are ideal for pre exercise because they can make you energetic without feeling heavy and provide energy. Bananas are also rich in potassium and magnesium, which is particularly important for muscles. According to statistics, each of us eats 13 kilograms of bananas every year.
8. Mm-hmm
You can also eat almonds before exercise. Don’t be guilty. Get more energy when rotating, hot iron, etc. Because of its composition, high-quality fat will not burden metabolism, but help regulate metabolism. Almond brown skin contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can make you full.
However, chew almonds well, or they will increase the burden on the stomach. Generally speaking, almonds are a good food. Most importantly, they are a healthy snack between meals because they contain a lot of vitamin E β- Carotene and B vitamins. They also provide twice as much calcium as yogurt and twice as much hematopoietic iron as lean mutton.