Weight Loss

The biggest mistake in losing weight

When fighting excess weight, some people can use any tool. But so-called weight loss strategies, such as smoking, starving yourself or taking diet pills, can have serious health consequences. Eat smarter presents the biggest mistake in losing weight and shows how to become healthy and permanently slim.
Misunderstanding of weight loss: hunger
One of the biggest weight loss mistakes is the hunger diet strategy. It’s true: if you’re hungry, you’ll lose weight. However, when you don’t eat at all, you hardly burn any fat. Instead, the body first loses water and then quickly breaks down muscles. Organisms are extremely nervous due to lack of food. The result of a hungry diet and a zero diet is often the famous yo yo effect: once you eat normally again, your body stores every calorie and gram of fat to avoid entering a new stage of hunger. And you’ll soon gain more weight than you did before dieting. Hunger is the number one enemy of diet. Therefore, dietary plans below the 1200 calorie daily calorie limit should be strictly avoided. In addition, it is important to feel the difference between developing real hunger and appetite. True physical hunger develops slowly, and appetite and cravings usually appear suddenly and are triggered by external stimuli, such as the smell of food.

Weight loss misunderstanding: weight loss drugs
Diet pills, considered as a magic weapon to lose weight, have been criticized again and again. Imported supplements often contain banned ingredients that can have dangerous side effects, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Even death is known. Many weight-loss drugs offered through online stores, side effects and interactions are even completely unclear, and doctors strongly recommend not taking them. But even free weight-loss pills are not necessarily harmless. In addition, the fat killing properties of advertisements have not been scientifically proved, but these pills are usually more expensive than the average price. The only reduction here is the wallet.

Weight loss misunderstanding: extreme sports
Many don’t always help: one of the biggest mistakes in weight loss is that excessive exercise can overburden and overload the body. Exercise and exercise are important to help lose weight – but in extreme cases, exercise can be very harmful to your health. Psychology is often the driving force behind extreme training, and even eating disorders are not uncommon: those who strictly count calories punish themselves for overtraining because of eating or trying to make up for calories. As a result, tendons, ligaments and muscles may be injured. Especially beginners must realize that too intense training will slow down fat metabolism rather than promote fat metabolism. First, don’t let it go too far: healthy and fun weight loss experts recommend training two to three times a week and make sure you have balanced endurance sports (such as jogging, cycling, swimming) and strength training.

Weight loss misunderstanding: smoking
Smoking is unhealthy. However, despite repeated and repugnant warnings about the consequences, many people, especially young people, still use cigarettes as a dietary aid to lose weight. But smoking instead of eating is a very bad trade-off and one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Although nicotine does reduce appetite, the long-term health effects of smoking far outweigh calorie savings: smoking can damage organs, lead to cancer, and turn skin gray and gray. The sooner you stop, the better.