There are top marks on the stomach, legs and bottom

Arno Schmitt is the most famous personal trainer in Germany. He made girls suitable for Heidi Klum’s model show and understood the chocolate aspects and weaknesses of celebrities. For eat smarter, he chose the most beautiful body part from the star industry.

Jennifer Aniston
Arno Schmitt: “this actress is very petite by nature, and her muscles are not too strong. I especially like her legs. They are long and thin, and not too strong. She uses” a little bit of everything “to achieve this. This means that the 44 year old will not do any specific weight lifting strength exercises. ”

Heidi Klum
Arno Schmitt: “this model has four children and her body is a good example for other mothers. Her 40 year old stomach is perfect and super tight. To achieve this goal, you need a lot of discipline, diligence and correct diet. Heidi Krum trains according to David Kirsch’s plan. This means that she eats a very low calorie diet and does high-energy whole-body exercise.”

Angelina Jolie
Arno Schmitt: “I think the actress’s hips are particularly beautiful. You can see that she is trained according to American track and field. The mother of six will jump for her legs.”

Til Schweig
Arno Schmitt: “when it comes to the best chest and upper body area for men, till Schweiger is obviously my first priority. The actors and directors are not under trained, but they are not over trained. His upper body is mainly due to continuous training.”

Arno Schmitt’s best fitness tips
1. Celebrities are also people! This means that anyone can look like this if they like. However, this requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, and you must be aware of this.
2. Try to complete the exercise at the first opportunity of the day: jog before work or exercise in the gym. This allows you to start the day with a good feeling. In addition, there is usually a lack of motivation after work, and the sofa is too attractive.
3. Healthy diet is the most important. A balanced diet, high protein and carbohydrate control. This means that a moderate amount of carbohydrates during the day is OK, but for body success, it’s best not to eat carbohydrates at night.
4. Try to increase your muscles. Energy expenditure increases with the increase of muscle. This means that even if you do nothing, you will burn more calories.