These are new fitness apps

Thanks to the latest fitness app, smartphones have become pocket personal trainers. We showed the top three and explained their advantages and disadvantages. There are no more excuses now!

Someone once said that if you want to work out, you should go to the gym. In the era of smart phones, if you want to shape, please download the appropriate fitness app and exercise in your living room.

Because now there are many good programs that can show fitness lovers the best exercise and support them to exercise. They are also much cheaper than the monthly fee of the studio. Eat smarter has launched three fitness apps that you can use to train your body effectively. Take your gym home!

Fitness application: iFitness, personal trainer – diversity
Personal trainer for iPhone: the iFitness app offers more than 300 kinds of fitness and strengthening exercises, suitable for exercising at home. Pictures, videos and text explain these tasks. The only drawback: iFitness is currently available only in English or French. Fitness app price: 0.79 euros

Fitness app: ipushup, push up help – exactly
Push ups are good exercise for upper body. The free ipushup app now helps you practice correctly: it counts the number of repetitions when you touch your phone with the tip of your nose during training

Fitness application price: Free

Fitness application: yoga2go, yoga practice – relaxation
The fitness app yoga2go shows 50 different yoga exercises of 200 different variants, which are described in detail in words and images. The fitness application is in German and is suitable for beginners and advanced users.
Fitness app price: 3.99 euros