These are the ultimate fat burning sports

Walking through the park every day is part of the daily life of many sports lovers. While some people’s minds and thoughts are free and unrestrained, others are getting closer and closer to their dream image. There are other fat burning exercises that trim your health more effectively than running. Eat smarter presents a fast slimmer.

Joggers (about 8 km / h) burn an average of about 10 calories per minute. However, in the same training time, some exercise exceeded this calorie consumption. So why not hang up your running shoes for a day and replace them with one of these fat burning exercises:

Swinging kettle bell

Kettlebells can already be found in many gyms. For training courses, they are usually swinging, so they mainly use hips and thighs. The exercise is intense because the exercise performed is in a different order from the “normal” exercise, so untrained muscle groups are trained. Kettlebell training burns about 20 calories per minute – very fast weight loss!

Indoor boating

Indoor rowing doesn’t burn as many calories as waving kettlebells, but it’s still more than jogging: about 12 calories per minute. Rowing is a great whole body exercise because it can exercise your arms, legs and back. For a healthy body, this is a good alternative to regular jogging, so it is one of the fat burning exercises.

skipping rope

Rope skipping is not just for children: sports lovers can also use it in their training courses because it burns about 13 calories per minute. All you have to do is jump moderately and control about 100 to 120 jumps per minute. Most importantly, you don’t have to drive to the playground or travel long distances to train. There really is no excuse for this quick weight loss supplement. A rope skipping rope with special length is recommended. You can adjust the length of the rope (for example).


Fitness enthusiasts have long included Bobbie jumps in their training programs because they are very effective and really effective. If you can finish 10 calories in a minute, you will burn 14 calories. For the Bobbie jump, you go from squats and stretches to push ups – and then do it again. Advantages: Bobbie jump trains the whole body – that is, it exercises muscles and endurance at the same time. Real fat burning exercise!

Spin Dash

Almost none of the rotating courses are fully booked, making people in one-piece sweaty. In one minute sprint, the body really accelerated and burned about 13 calories. Spinning is a fat burning sport that can train endurance and the muscles of legs, abdomen and hips.