This is how you adapt to spring

Get off the sofa and get on your bike! Nothing is more exhausting than sports. Eat smarter asked two experts how to start spring fitness.

Who doesn’t know? In the new year, you decide to eat better, exercise more or quit smoking. But even if you have made it your goal, implementation will soon fail. Your inner weak self is the culprit. For example, once you pack up your sports equipment, he will report: “look outside. It must start raining soon. Besides, it’s too cold.” Unknowingly, your sneakers returned to the corner and you sat on the sofa. But that’s not necessarily true. We will show you how to overcome your weak self.

The hibernation time is finally over, and the metabolism has to recover slowly and turn into the warm season. Two experts explained how to best start spring fitness: sports scientist Professor Dr. INGO froboese and nutritionist Prof. Dr. Michael ham.

What is the best way to exercise and adapt to spring?
Professor INGO froboese: when activity hormones sprout in the spring, most people’s desire to exercise increases by themselves. All you have to do is follow this natural hormonal stimulation and start with a small and achievable goal – preferably from the door of your home, with little effort, little preparation, and fun. Allies can also help fight against weaker selves. So, ask a friend to do sports together; Ideally, always on a fixed date.

Ideally, how and how often should you exercise?
Professor froboese: those who mainly want to improve their physique are better off doing endurance exercise – 30 to 45 minutes twice a week. According to the motto “run without panting”, you should always have a subjective feeling that you are not challenged enough by this concept of exercise – this is the right time to train at the right intensity. In terms of muscle training, for example, using targeted gymnastics or fitness equipment, 15 to 20 minutes of training twice a week is enough. The following applies here: during the last repeated exercise, the trained muscle should “burn”; So you have to feel like you’ve done something.

Can everyone start like this?
Prof froboese: it depends. Fast walking or leisurely cycling is certainly no problem for healthy people. However, if people over the age of 35 suddenly want to really start exercising after a long rest, they should definitely arrange for a check-up by a family doctor or exercise doctor in advance to determine the stress limit.

Almost everyone has mild diseases, and some may have chronic diseases – what does this mean for choosing exercise?
Professor froboese: anyone can start taking the right dose. In the case of back problems, regular exercise is often important to keep muscles, ligaments and joints soft. In the case of cardiovascular problems, endurance training is particularly recommended for economical cardiac work and elastic blood vessels. In diabetes, because of its special metabolic condition, it is best to combine strength and endurance training.

What sports are particularly suitable for weight loss?
Professor Michael Hamm: moderate speed endurance exercise – swimming, cross-country walking, leisurely jogging, cycling and even regular brisk walking – is the best way to lose weight. Since most calorie burning occurs in muscles, muscle exercises also support thin lines. But even in your daily life, you can burn some calories (see the table below).

Do leisure athletes have any special dietary tips?
Prof. ham: amateur athletes who want to recover in the spring are definitely on the right track, a balanced and healthy mixed diet. A light snack, such as natural yogurt with fresh fruit or a small portion of cereal, such as cereal. B. Oatmeal with fruit juice, soy milk or milk and fresh fruit and low-fat whole wheat bread.

Do you need extra protein to exercise your muscles?
Prof. ham: fitness athletes usually eat enough protein. But you should pay attention to the source and the right combination – so don’t just like animal proteins such as meat and sausage. The balanced combination of vegetable protein (grains, beans, soy products) and animal protein is better – preferably low-fat dairy products, fish and eggs from time to time.

Is Fitness drink a sports bag?
Prof. ham: isotonoe thirst quencher can quickly replace water – but self mixing, fully diluted apple juice soda and mineral water (in the ratio of 1:2 to 1:3) can also be used. Only in the case of fructose intolerance, industrial mixtures with glucose, household sugar or maltodextrin are sometimes better solutions. However, as a sports drink, water is enough to exercise for up to an hour.