Weight Loss

Top ten weight loss tips for dream body

If you notice something, you can easily carry out the “weight loss” project. With these little tricks, cravings and weight setbacks are sure to be a thing of the past.

1. Cooking accounting
How often do you eat snacks? Do you eat a lot when you’re stressed or bored? Keep a diet diary for two to three weeks. Write down everything you eat, time and attitude. Therefore, you can expose heat traps and avoid them in the future.
2. Planned shopping
Go to the supermarket hungry? Not a good idea! Because in this way, the shopping speed in the shopping cart will be much faster than you actually need. Especially unhealthy. So it’s best to eat in advance and shop strictly according to the shopping list.
3. Hunger or appetite?
We often confuse real hunger with simple appetite. Listen carefully to yourself and ask yourself: do I really want to eat this now?
4. Please don’t worry!
If you eat in a hurry, it’s easy to miss your sense of fullness, which only starts in about 15 minutes. Therefore, it consumes actually unnecessary calories.
5. Put on sattmacher
Natural foods containing large amounts of fiber or protein can provide a lasting sense of satiety and maintain stable blood glucose levels. This desire is almost impossible to achieve.
6. Small plate – the effect is very good!
Research shows that small plates can support weight loss. Because they seem to have more weight – and we eat faster.
7. Goodbye desire
For acute cravings between the two, small s OS helps: chew a piece of sugar free gum. Research shows that chewing sends a positive signal to the saturated center of the brain, and appetite usually disappears.
8. Skillfully change meals
If you eat a little more than planned, replace a meal with a large glass of vegetable smoothie the next day. This balances the heat balance.
9. Do not weigh every day
Our weight depends on many factors and sometimes changes every day. Measuring yourself only once a week will save you depression.
10. Drink – but that’s right!
Calories from soft drinks or alcohol are usually not added to daily balance. But some things soon came together! Therefore, rely on calorie free water and tea.