VIPR – training with rubber tubing

Weight lifting, throwing, pushing, pushing, rolling – the training with rubber tube “VIPR” is particularly versatile, which not only increases the fun of training, but also ensures that you can train all important muscle groups.

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, fitness sticks, fitness balls – there are a lot of fitness equipment. You only need one device to train your whole body – VIPR. At least this is the manufacturer’s commitment. But what can a big rubber tube do?

VIPR – what is it?
VIPR stands for vitality, performance and repair – for example, vitality, performance and charging. You should be able to train all this with a meter long rubber tube. Different weight levels (from 4 to 20 kg) ensure that everyone can use the VIPR tube for training – regardless of their personal training conditions. The fitness machine has several handles, so you can grab it from different positions. You can throw, push, lift, roll, lift and swing VIPR – thousands of different exercises can be done with one device. A task usually takes 40 seconds. During this period, repeat as much as possible. Then pause for 20 seconds and start the next exercise.

The goal of VIPR functional whole body training is to strengthen all muscle groups as a whole, not in isolation as most machines do. VIPR training consists of three parts: vitality training at the beginning, warming up muscles and mobilizing joints. In the next performance, the muscles were strengthened. The last part, recovery, is a way to cool down through light exercise and some stretching.

Does VIPR keep its promise? Rubber tube training can not only strengthen muscles, but also improve endurance and balance. In particular, the trunk is strengthened through VIPR training – muscle soreness is inevitable for most VIPR beginners. But don’t worry, it’s just a sign that you’ve been working hard. Another advantage is that you don’t have to switch from one device to the next during exercise, but you can train in a fixed position. Important: you should be able to practice correctly before contacting heavier samples.

This is the VIPR training process
When training with professional hockey players, sports scientist mihol dalcott noticed that athletes from rural areas trained better than those from cities. Although the latter – unlike athletes from the country – live near a fully equipped gym.

Athletes from this country do not train individual muscles alone. Working on a farm – such as shoveling hay or chopping firewood – requires the interaction of several muscle groups.

Michourt’s whole body training is faster, more functional, and based on michourt’s principles. At the same time, many professional athletes, especially football players and golfers, are receiving VIPR training.