Water skiing: board!

Water skiing is an interesting sport. As we have found, this is true. This is the perfect combination of surfing, snowboarding and water skiing. Not only is water skiing fun, it can also create tight curves and clear muscles.

Admittedly, water skiing is not new. But in Germany, water sports are experiencing a real hype. Because no other country has so many water skiing and water skiing facilities. There is enough reason to study the sport carefully.

Water skiing: start
Water skiing, as a combination of water skiing and surfing, originated in the 1980s. At that time, surfers will be pulled by motorboats while waiting for the waves on the surfboard. The birth of water skiing, as the correct name of this sport. However, in German, wakeboarding or waken are more common. The name of the sport comes from the so-called wake, which is the waves artificially generated by motorboats. With the development of hypolite water ski (a particularly light and short model) by herb O’Brien in the United States, water ski has become a trend.

Water skiing: how it works!
Unlike surfing, water skiing requires technical assistance. The water skier stands on a board on one side of the direction of travel and is pulled by a cable car (i.e. on water skiing and water skiing facilities) or a motorboat. The ship usually pulls a water skier at a speed of about 35 km / h. Things in the facility are more “comfortable”. The standard speed here is about 28 km / h. An overview of German water skiing facilities and cruise routes can be found on the website of the German water skiing and water skiing Association (dwwv). Unfortunately, water skiing is not a cheap sport. Beginners usually pay 25 to 30 euros for 2-hour tickets, including materials. Prices vary by facility.

Water skiing: fitness factors
The hardest part of water skiing is starting and turning. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll provide a lot of fun and great muscle training at the same time. In addition to the muscles of the hand and forearm, which are used to hold the handle on the rope, the muscles of the upper arm and shoulder have also been properly trained. In addition, abdominal and leg muscles are strengthened by regular water skiing. Most beginners complain about muscle soreness in their lives after their first attempt at snowboarding, but through regular training, their muscles get used to pulling. The sore muscles become less, and the thighs, stomach and Co. become tighter and clearer. In addition to strength and endurance, water skiing mainly trains balance, coordination and attention. As an interesting extreme sport, water skiing is not without danger. If you are interested in water sports, you should book a beginner course at one of the facilities or have them explain exactly what to do on the board.

Water skiing: the best, the best
Every sport needs idols. Germany’s top water skiers include Frederic von Osten, Dominik guehrs, Steffen vollert and Nico von Lerchenfeld.