Weight Loss

Weekday slimming

The phone rings and the mailbox is overcrowded. The boss asks you to make an appointment: the working day is very stressful. Although some people just forget to eat when they are busy, many are turning to unhealthy office snacks. Eat smarter reveals how you can master your daily work in an easy way. And won’t gain weight.

E-mail, meetings and ringing phone calls: work stress is part of the daily life of many Germans. Usually there is not even time to rest regularly. When you’re a little hungry, you like to eat a chocolate bar, biscuit or other dessert – after all, it can not only calm your rumbling stomach in a short time, but also soothe your soul. Wrong idea: researchers know that chocolate doesn’t make you happy because of its composition, but just because we’ve trained ourselves to stay in a good mood.

When you’re hungry
Unhealthy snacks have a great impact on calories. Therefore, anyone who cares about their body and health will eat small snacks in the office that have fewer calories but still keep you full:
Apple provides filling fiber and refreshing sweetness.
Salt free nuts (e.g. almonds; up to one handful) provide healthy fat and important protein.
A slice of crispy bread or whole wheat bread with quarks and tomatoes can make you full and healthy.
Fresh vegetable sticks provide a lot of vitamins and almost no calories.
A piece of fruit can suppress the desire for sweets.
A large cup of buttermilk can fill you well without adding a lot of fat or calories.
A cup of still water can stop strong cravings and shorten lunch breaks.
Chewing gum can relieve stress and counteract a strong desire for food.

Fat trap in the Office
If you really get to the canteen, you usually have to finish it as soon as possible. Pork chops with French fries? Come on! Reward diners can easily fall into the calorie trap again. Better: bring your own food and heat it in the office. So you know exactly what you’re spending. If you can’t do this, please choose lean fish or lean meat dishes in the canteen, and use potatoes instead of French fries as a side dish. Salads are always good, too. But don’t eat fried bread. Give you the seasoning alone so you can take it better. A piece of fruit for dessert – the perfect lunch is ready.

Against the downturn in the afternoon?
But not only in the canteen, it is dangerous for everyone who cares about their body. The larger the company, the more birthdays, anniversaries and goodbyes are celebrated. Colleagues generously provided cakes and egg tarts in the afternoon. Isn’t it rude not to get it? No, No. If you still can’t resist, take a small part and continue to chat while drinking green tea. It wakes you up more gently than coffee and helps you stay focused for the last few hours until the end of the day.