Weight Loss

What is the best fat burner?

It depends on what you mean. Are we talking about magic substances that help burn fat while sitting quietly on the sofa? The answer is: they don’t exist at all, the legendary fat burner. Their widely acclaimed effects, if any, are small under a microscope and do not make themselves noticeable on scale.

The only really effective fat burning agent is our muscles. They are unparalleled in terms of calorie consumption, but of course you have to make them work. Every routine training will improve the basic metabolic rate. Therefore, you can not only consume energy through training itself, but also get a free reward for basic metabolic rate. If you burn about 500 calories a week through fitness training, 100 to 150 calories will disappear again due to the increase of basic metabolic rate.

The best fat burner in sports: endurance sports can promote energy metabolism for a longer time, extract a large amount of fat from the warehouse and burn it immediately. In cross-country skiing, jogging and boating, the heat consumption is the highest. Followed by swimming, skating and cycling. If these exercises are too intense for you, or if you want to protect your joints, you may prefer walking or Nordic walking with a stick. Here, the load is less, but the duration is longer, so the heat consumption is the same. When jogging in cold water, the body also consumes a lot of energy. The skin releases a lot of heat into the water, so the body must increase internal heating.

But more important than the absolute number of calories burned is the fun of exercise. Only when you find a sport you really like, will you stick to it. In the long run, it will bring the greatest success in “burning fat”.