Weight Loss

Why am I nervous when I’m hungry?

You may have too little serotonin in your blood. If the brain needs carbohydrates because it runs out of energy, then mood usually drops. Depending on your temperament, your emotions range from tears to aggression.

Moms know that. If their children are quarrelling and complaining, they are either hungry or tired. The reason is the effect of the neurotransmitter serotonin on the brain. A team of neurobiologists at Cambridge University recently confirmed this.

The researchers found that when people’s serotonin levels fell, people responded more positively to decisions. The messenger substance serotonin acts as a conductor in a large orchestra of neurotransmitters. He affects everyone else. Too low levels can lead to fatigue, insomnia, desire and anger.

It is not known how many important functions serotonin has in total. But it has proved that this material plays a central role in the fun, strength and peace of life. Therefore, this is a good reason to treat yourself and eat a balanced diet regularly, so that your mood will remain stable.

If you have exams, difficult negotiations or other challenges on your schedule, it’s best to have a light meal an hour in advance. Ideal: a small fraction of healthy carbohydrates from whole grains or beans. They can keep blood sugar stable for a long time, so as to ensure the balance of serotonin levels.