Weight Loss

Why am I never as thin as a model?

Because these beautiful, super slim women don’t even exist in reality. Your perfect figure depends on the work of stylists, makeup artists and photographers. Finally, the photo expert decorated the last small cushion on the computer. No wonder a normal person will never be like this.

The stars and models are perfect in the photos and look very happy. But internally, it usually looks different. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found this. They surveyed 91 models, and for comparison, the average number between the ages of 18 and 35 was the same. Result: super beauty is no happier than others. They even perform below average in terms of happiness, happiness and physical health. So there’s no reason to emulate them. On the contrary: if you complain too much about your body, you lose confidence and are more likely to fall into extreme diets or magic pills. The steps from a strict diet to an obvious eating disorder are small. Even obsession with weight can undermine the healthy satiety mechanism. So stop criticizing yourself. It’s best to adjust the small “adjustment screw” of eating habits, and the excess weight will disappear over time. Most importantly, try to build a loving relationship with your own appearance and don’t delay waiting for the “perfect” weight. Life is too short.