Weight Loss

Why is it easier to get fat in winter than usual?

They crave sweets and don’t like sports. If the skin is exposed to too little light, vitamin D reserves will disappear.

According to the current study, vitamin D levels should be higher than previously thought. According to the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, values in the German population are often too low. The so-called solar hormone is very limited in food. Our skin will produce this hormone under ultraviolet radiation, provided that we try to leave beneficial radiation on naked skin for 20 minutes every day. The more the better, because light vitamins promote calcium absorption and indirectly activate fat combustion.

Those who stay indoors not only need fewer calories than others, but also slow down fat burning. If possible, you should take a walk at lunchtime to set the time of the day. This will reduce people’s desire for candy.

It’s important for fast winter sunbathing: avoid wearing sunglasses and sunscreen containing sunscreen and expose your hands, neck and D é collet é.